House Beautiful

A Little Sunday Morning Conversation

(Phone Dialing)

Best Buy: Hello, thank you for calling Best Buy.

Me: Hi, I was calling to find out if you had a certain CD in stock?

Best Buy: Sure.  What’s the name of the CD?

Me: It’s Aziz Ansari.  He’s a comedian, and it’s his newest CD.

Best Buy:  What???

Me: Aziz Ansari…   A-z-i-z-A-n-s-a-r-i.

Best Buy: Oh-kay… Give me a second.  What’s the name of the album?

Me: Oh, sorry, let me look that up.  One sec.

Me:  Um, it’s called “Intimate Moments For a Sensual Evening.”

Best Buy: Silence.

Best Buy: More silence.

Best Buy: Fine, let me go look.


Six more days, homies.


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