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Lake Life! Aka Scenes From A Midwestern Weekend

The two floozies, reunited!

There’s nothing more certain than death and taxes… well, except for the annual jaunt to the in-laws’ absolutely perfect lakeside casa at Magician Lake in Michigan. There are so, so many reasons why I love this trip.  It’s the most serene environment, with a quiet stillness only interrupted by my father-in-law’s James Taylor Pandora station streaming through the house.

My mom

Two hammocks beg you to lie in them with a good book.  There’s a steady diet of sweet corn and BBQ.  And the best thing about it?  Our Midwest-residing family and friends are only a drive away to share in the tranquility…:

And ohhhkayyyy, maybe sometimes a little debauchery…

Luckily, my hubby got to spend Father’s Day with his dad.

And I’ll just let the rest of the pictures tell the story…

Steph's homemade salsa (top) and Mom's homemade strawberry shortcake (bottom)

Cap'n TEEM and Powers aka Peezy aka Sugar Daddy

"Cause we're the two best co-bloggers that anybody had"

Sigh… Until next year, Lake Magician.


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