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Scenes From our Weekend

Happy Monday, darlings! How were your Halloween weekends? Full of mischief and tom foolery? Good, good, that’s what we like to hear. Ours were spent in San Diego (Stephy) and Solvang (Karrie), an achingly sweet little Santa Barbara-area wine town, and the location of a Halloween wedding on Saturday. So many fun moments over the weekend:


Dog Beach | Covet Living

{Steph & Gus kickin’ it at their favorite place in San Diego – the Coronado dog beach}

GusGus | Covet Living

{Steph giving Gus a bath – or is it the other way around?}

Saturday Funday | Covet Living

{Saturday funday at Lahaina’s}

Decor | Covet Living

{Steph’s roommates helping “decorate”}

Dinner at Ironside | Covet Living

{Dinner with friends at Ironside}

Sigh... the beach | Covet Living

{The San Diego sunset… which never, ever gets old}

Beachside dinner | Covet Living

{Sunday dinner at her bosom buddy Natalie’s}


Solvang | Covet Living

{Strolling through the picturesque town of Solvang}

Solvang | Covet Living

Wine Valley Inn | Solvang | Covet Living

{The adorable Wine Valley Inn in Solvang}

Wine Valley Inn | Solvang | Covet Living

{Hansel and Gretel might as well live here}

Wine Valley Inn | Solvang | covet Living

{Solvang Bakery, the sweetest little bakery you ever did see}

Hitching Post | Solvang | Covet Living

{Dinner at the Hitching Post, where Maya from Sideways worked}

My husband the devil | Covet Living

{Karrie’s hubby Tim aka TEEM aka one handsome devil}

Masquerade Party | Covet Living

{Karrie and Teem at at a Masquerade pre-wedding shindig the night before}


Steph and Karrie's Signatures TOGETHER