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Ombre Orgasm

(We’re not worthy… we’re not worthy… we’re not worthy)

You know that scene in Office Space where Peter’s co-worker tells him he’s going to take out a girl and show her his O Face? No?  Let me remind you:

So, the O Face is basically what I had when I came across this colorfully inventive new way to use the ombre color effect.  I mean, on a wall? How cool is that?!

Erica from P.S. – I made this… is on it once again with this rad DIY.  Below are her step by step instructions, taken from her original post.  Check out her blog for more amazing ideas:

Per Erica:

To create: Choose three paint colors in a light, medium, and darker shade that hail from the same color family.  I chose Valspar’s Ultra Green (light), Beach Blanket (medium), and Sea Treasure (dark).

STEP 1: Trim wall with painter’s tape and use a roller to paint entire wall the lightest hue.

STEP 2: Paint a bottom panel with the darkest hue.

STEP 3: Mix your medium and dark shade together to create the 2nd darkest color and paint a section. Next, move up on the wall and paint the 3rd section the middle color only.

STEP 4: Blend the colors together using a smaller paint brush that is DRY, until areas and lines bleed together. You may need to touch up with mixed paint as you go, as it takes on an amazing ombré effect.

What do you guys think – do you like it?  Hate it?  Should I try it out in our hallway? Maybe when the Hubs is away on a work trip? Aaahahahaha.