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Motivation Monday


“I learned long ago that home is a word that applies to people, not places.” – Amy Martin, Shades of Earth, by Beth Revis

Over the years my Thanksgivings have morphed a bit: From dashing home to Indiana to my Grandma’s, partying with my high school friends on Thanksgiving Eve (what up Burris Owls and the Locker Room!) – to spending “Friendsgivings” together in LA when my friends became my second family.

But no matter where the day’s spent, the meaning of Thanksgiving remains the exact same all these years.  Your mom and your dad?  Call them and remind them how much you love them.  Have a best friend?  Do the same.  Look around, and appreciate those in your life who mean the world to you but to whom you might not say it enough.

And of course, eat that extra helping of turkey.  With the gravy.  And the stuffing. And the green bean casserole.  Do it.  Do it now.

Whether you’re staying home for this one, or traveling far and wide to go “home”, have a great Thanksgiving everyone!