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Can We Talk About The Weekend.

Seriously, let’s all hear it for living 2 hours from your best friend.  No more of this nonsense of seeing each other every few months, oh helllllll naw.  We’re on each other like white on rice now; if our little hearts desire bestie/margarita/shopping time, our little hearts get all of the above.  And that’s exactly what happened this weekend:

Some snapshots of our 24 hours together in San Diego:

Clockwise from top left: Pigment, a delightfully curated shop in North Park | Succulents galore | Messy braid for a lazy Sunday | Heaven in the form of Steph’s bed | Our margarita connoisseur, Ivan, at Casa Machado | Terrariums hanging from the ceiling | Margs | This book was very fitting for one half of us | An adorable family we happened upon, creating terrariums (!)

And all this aside… all this giggling and debauchery and laziness and all that aside, this weekend marked a sort of shift in my other co-blogger half, one I think only those who’ve been around her these past few months would pick up on.  Instead of clouds and tears, there was sunshine and a lot, a LOT of laughter.  Optimism about her new job, about her new surroundings, about life.  I know it’s baby steps, but I was proud of her.  Sooo very proud and happy for her.

After about an hour of being with her, a scene from one of my favorite movies popped into my head.  For those of you who’ve never seen it, Swingers is a movie about an actor who moves to LA to make it big – and then gets unceremoniously dumped by his longterm girlfriend.   After watching him struuuugggggle to surface throughout the whole movie and figure out a way to get out there and be happy, he finally meets a girl out one night.  Her name is Lorraine.  His ex’s name is Michelle:

I love this scene for showing that exact moment when the future suddenly presents itself and one decides to embrace it.

Here’s to new beginnings 🙂


These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Helllloooo, we’re back!  So we know we’ve sucked at keeping the blog updated lately, but what can we say, life keeps getting in the way.  In a good way!  Steph’s jumped head first into her rad interior design job, and I’m watching from the sidelines like the proud bestie I am.  And oh yeah – I’m TWO HOURS AWAY. Which means weekend trips to explore So Cal/shop/eat copious amounts of Mexican have commenced.  Life is so good.  ANYWHO – for the first time in a while, here’s a list of what’s getting our rocks off at this very moment:

1. This dress, this dress, this dress. Until you try on a Rachel Pally maxi dress, you just won’t understand how incredibly soft and pajama-like they are.  Trust me and Steph: We’re obsessed (I even outfitted my bridesmaids in RP!):

2. This Tempur-pedic eye mask that will literally change your life. In a span of a week since my hubby got a pair I’ve watched him go from being a super light sleeper – tossing and turning every night and waking me up – to falling instantaneously into a deep, restful sleep.  Meaning I now get a deep, restful sleep.

3. Am I the only one who’s shown up on a friend’s new apt doorstep only to realize I should’ve brought them a housewarming present and didn’t?  Or any friend’s place for that matter who’s having some people over?  Yeah, I need to get better at that. And I will, starting now, with this: The perfect hostess gift:

4. This succulent monogrammed planter box, perfect for those of us (ahem) who have a wee problem keeping plants alive.  I’m especially digging this to hang on our balcony:

5. The newest addition to my running playlist: Calvin Harris’ new club banger “Summer”:

Happy Friday everyone!