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Lazy Weekend Brunch: Savory Egg Bake

Since my peeps back home woke up with snow this weekend, and since the air has *even* been crisp here in SoCal (heaven!), I thought we could all use a good comfort food recipe for lazy weekend mornings – right?  One that takes little to no effort but tastes like Ina Garten made it.  Anyhow – when I woke up this morning in my down comforter cocoon and the air coming in my bedroom windows was delightfully freezing, all I wanted was something warm and savory for breakfast – but something good for me, since last night I was swirling the contents of the breadbasket in a pool of ranch dressing at dinner.  #whoops #ohmigodsogood #pms

Here’s what you do:  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Look in the fridge and see what you might have lying around that pairs well together…  for example: cilantro, red/green/yellow peppers, spinach, onions, black beans – that’s a good combo.  If you wanna go the classic quiche route, you can do: spinach, mushrooms, gruyère, and ham or bacon (since we’re going the lazy man route here, I’d use lunchmeat or microwave the bacon for 4 minutes to make sure it’s mostly cooked).  This morning, I had: mushrooms, rosemary, kale, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella (and pesto – which I like better for serving with the eggs once they’re cooked).  Anyhow…  sprinkle a little of everything you’ve got in a large ramekin (or I have these amazing little pots de awesomeness that I found at Marshall’s last year):


KALE LEAVES (ribs removed)

Then I sprinkled NUTMEG (common ingredient in quiche) and ROSEMARY

Glob of SUNDRIED TOMATOES (I also let some of the oil these were in drizzle over my pile of veggies)


Whisk 2 EGG WHITES + 1 EGG + splash of water + sprinkle of salt & pepper, then pour it over veggie mixture.  You can bake it like that, but I jostled and gently stirred it all around to combine.

Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes with lid on (or covered with foil)…  then remove foil and bake another 15 minutes.  That’s it, folks!  Now; I pounded that whole thing myself this morning, but it probably could’ve served 2 people – especially if you have it with anything else, like fruit.  Or Lucky Charms.

Maybe keep this on tap for next weekend?  Hi-5 long distance.

Last Minute Mother’s Day, DIY Style

What’s up kids??  Happy Friday!  So, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and if you’re anything like me, you still haven’t made brunch reservations, haven’t made it to Hallmark yet, and are just now thinking about what to get Mom yet this year. #whoops.  WASSUP, Jayne!

My mom just told me she’s coming in town this weekend, and I’m stoked!  It’s been awhile since Sister Christian and I have kicked it, so I’m looking forward to a mini-girls weekend. I’m sure she’ll get hopped up on 1 glass of wine and say some super hilarious, inappropriate stuff…  I can’t wait.  Anyhow, in addition to prepping a lush little guest room for her (which we’ll talk about next week), here’s what I’m DIY throwing together in the 11th hour to pamper my Ma.

Can’t go wrong with taking Mom for a mani-pedi!  Pretty sure Jayne let out a little pee when I told her this was what we’re doing when she gets in on Saturday.  If you really wanna kick it DIY, you can give mom a pedi at home.  But unfortunately, I don’t own a chisel or a belt sander, so we’re gonna have to go out.  Bahahahahha.  Just kiddin – love you mom!

Stocking her room with peonies, which are just now coming in season.  I found mine at Whole Foods last night and the upstairs already smells like heaven.

Yo.  I may be 32, but that doesn’t mean I’m too old to make a homemade card.  I pin so many gorgeous abstract prints and paintings – like the above by Luli Sanchez – so why not print one of those on card stock at home and scribble a nice diddle in the middle??

I default to quiche, always, for a.m. entertaining.  It’s JYEST so good, it’s easy to make ahead of time, and you can throw whatever you want in there.  It’s like a party (!) So, the photo above is from Smitten Kitchen’s Over-the-Top Mushroom quiche which…  if I had the time…  I would totally make.  That girl has NEVER led me astray. But in the interest of saving time, I’m going to use my old faithful Martha Stewart quiche recipe as a base:

Then, follow Martha’s directions below…

And OBVI, have some mimosas at-the-ready when everyone arrives.  I’m going to add a few sprigs of mint as a garnish.  Super fresh and makes it look like I worked harder than I really did.

It’s Spring, and everyone loves basil…  right??  Why not pot a few basil plants in pretty containers – like vintage tea tins – to use as centerpieces?  They can double as party favors for guests to take home after you stuff ’em fulla quiche and mimosas. Whatwhat.

Happy early Mother’s Day to all of you!


Photo Credits:  Miles Redd & Oscar de la Renta Tabletop | Pedi Pic | Peonies | Bubbly Bar | Tea Tins (Clockwise from top left) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 |