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Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai Home: Drink It In

Now, I realize I’m about the 500th blogger to do a little write-up on Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai oasis, featured in this month’s Elle Decor.  And people are all up in it right now, because as the tabloids have reported, R-Pat’s been soothing his wounded heart here.  But I just don’t give a rat’s patooka.  Because it is glorious. All of it.  The exposed wood ceilings, the linen slipcovers, the cozy nooks, the unique chandeliers, the sunshine drenching all of the airy, expansive rooms.  OH – and did I MENTION that one of our favorite designers is to thank for all this?  That’s right, Reese-y poo hired the amazing Kristen Buckingham, who created such a gorgeous, inviting desert escape.  PS: Stephanie, remember the time you emailed Kristen to let her know you’d blogged about her, to which she personally sent you a sweet, gracious response?  K.

Reese and Buckingham

Above: Notice how Buckingham managed to layer in several “looks” into this room, without it looking like a discombobulated mish-mash.  The leather chairs, the sofa (Buckingham’s own design!), the velvet settee, the cotton curtains, the apple tree stump (!), the jute rug from Pottery Barn – all are different textures, but all are neutral colors that together create a serene, relaxing place to put your feet up and take an afternoon snooze.

Above: The intricate wrought-iron railing over this darling alcove kills me.  How peaceful would it be to sit at this mahogany desk from Lars Bolander and look out to your sunny yard, draped in shade by a leafy tree?

Above: Loving the mismatched seating around the dining table, including a couple Swedish wing chairs as well as custom-made leather benches.  That tile will be in my future house, too.

Above: Again, notice the non matchy-matchy furniture placed in Reese’s games area. An antique Belgian table, a Swedish chesterfield chair.  A custom-made, supremely elegant etagere sits prettily in the corner of the room, with various pottery.

Above: Ava Phillipe’s room.  Thank you, Buckingham, for crafting a room both delightfully feminine for a soon-to-be teenager, with pops of pink in both the upholstered vintage chair, the pillows, and do I detect a hint of pale pink in the 1920s tole chandelier?

Above: Little Deacon’s room.  Again, also unconventional for a kid, with a collection of antlers, a Turkish rug (though manly, for the little man), and antique desk.

Above: Reese’s itty bitty nieces.  Well hello there!

Above: Surely this gorgeous terrace is where R-Pat soulfully sipped on his morning coffee, contemplating how his wretched girlfriend could’ve hurt him so.   *Sigh.*