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Gift Guide: For the Guys

I’m going to get put on the naughty list for saying so, but every year, I look at the gift guides out there for dudes, and every year I scratch my head and wonder: Cufflinks in the shape of guns… hokey plaid everything… and things like soap that smells like charcoal.  Are those really what the guys we love want from Santa? Maybe they do…  What do I know?  I’m a chick, and I love doilies and things that are sparkly. So to make sure this list is on point for you guys, I enlisted the help of a few of my most discerning guy friends – the ones who have impeccable taste in everything, so nearly every gift idea below has been taken for a spin and gotten a serious stamp of approval.  Here goes!

1. Donegal Wool Cable Cardigan – Matt cannot get enough of these.  Nor can I. DILF sweaters (did I say that out loud?) like this one make *every* guy look a little more handsome.  I picture the men who wear them rocking cooing babies by the fire, sipping coffee at the kitchen table, or chopping wood in the front yard. Classic cold weather staple for any guy.

2. Bowl Tickets – Enter the Holy Grail of Christmas Gifts for Guys…  especially if they’re lunatics about college football like someone I know, who galloped around the room 18 times screaming last Saturday when Auburn turned Ray Finkle’s missed field goal into touchdown and history-making gold.  Even I shed a single tear.

3. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub – Matt loves using this to slough off dead skin in between shaves.  It’s also apparently “tingly and clean and smells really good.”

4. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – I dare you to show me a guy who doesn’t wanna drink that delicious vodka / lime juice / ginger beer concoction out of these.

5. Go Pro – These are hi-def (1080p), waterproof, have built-in Wi Fi and are straight up AMAZING.  And at under $200, I feel like I’m straight up stealing. If you’re not familiar with GoPro, check out this YouTube video.

6. Marled Socks – Great for wearing under boots, or just lounging around the house.

7. Lululemon Post Gravity Pant – Buy these for him, then steal them every Saturday morning.  Everybody wins!

8. McLerran Leather & Flannel Boot – Matt got these earlier this fall, and they look KILLER with everything.  Classic with handsome details and a little edge.

9. Clary Sage Candle – you wouldn’t *normally* think to buy candles for the fellas, but this one is earthy and clean.  Email to purchase.

10. Fit Bit – Definitely stuff yourself silly this Christmas, then after January 1st, wear this all day & all night to track your steps, distance, calories consumed, calories burned, etc.

11. Forage Haberdashery Handkerchiefs – or pocket squares…  whatever.  Here it is from the horse’s mouth:  “I wear my pocket square with my suit after I’ve taken my tie off but still have to meet clients out for dinners. It’s a little more dressed-down, but still kind of a classic cool look.”  Personally, I dig that there’s an old school, dapper, gentlemanly quality to them.  I loved the ones pictured from Nathan Turner‘s shop in LA. Email to purchase.

12. Eco Heather 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Shirt – insanely comfortable (Matt and I both own one) and look H-O-T on dudes.  This one comes in a GREAT color combo and is on sale for $20.  BANG.

…Need more ideas?  Last year’s list is still full of solid picks…  especially the Big Green Egg, Ugg slippers, the Arcteryx jacket, and the Maps Rocks Glasses.

Happy Shopping!

Scenes From A Wedding Weekend

Ever been to a wedding where, after it was over, after the vows had been recited, after the chairs, tables, and decor had been taken down, after the dancing had concluded… you still felt these lingering, warm, sweet memories of the happiness the weekend exuded?  Well that’s exactly what I experienced at the most perfectly perfect wedding of my friend Stephanie (the other Stephanie in my life) recently.  The setting was San Diego (at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe), the vibe was rustic beach chic, and the bride was the most beautiful bride I’d ever seen.  On the drive home to LA and during the days after I just felt a happiness from it all… And it didn’t hurt that the whole shebang was artfully and lovingly designed by the bride’s cuz, Nathan Turner.  Below are some pix of the big day:

(Steph with her dad, who’s not only the sweetest guy, but also the most Instagram-proficient man I’ve ever met)

(The hubby and I started the wedding day in La Jolla at Brockton Villas, home of the Coast Toastif you’re in San Diego, get you some)

(Aaaaand then we ended up poolside, sipping on watermelon margaritas OH-KAY)

(I had a handful of Steph and Chris while getting ready…)

(I got to wear an all-time fave Rent the Runway dress… hey gurl…)

(The Hubs got to be in the presence of some football greats, even if they did photo bomb a ton of our pix.  Exhibit A.)

(Then it was time for din-din…)

(We took in the gloriously elegant and lush-yet-simple table settings.)

(Sprigs of rosemary and mint surrounded bouquets of garden roses.)

(The bride and groom made their entrance.  Via)

(And pulled off a first dance that’d make any Pulp Fiction fan real, real proud. Via)

(We danced…)

(And danced…)

(Then headed to the next stage of the wedding – The After Party…)

(Where – you guessed it – we finished off the night dancing some more!)

Sigh… Justperfection.  How about you?  Ever been to a wedding which was so special you caught a happiness high for a few days after?

Oh and PS, the bride and groom are so awesome, not one but TWO wedding videos were made for them: one put together by Steph’s brothers, and another by yours truly and Mr. Nathan Turner himself!  Both are below: