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Happy (Long) Weekend! …and some faves.

Sigh…  Where did the summer go?  Who knows, but with football kicking off this long Labor Day Weekend, it’s on its way out.  I can already smell buffalo dip, beer, and dry leaves…  hear pep bands…  and feel a chill in the air.  It’s right around the corner! Anyhoo, I hope you get to spend some long leisurely days with good friends and family, doing whatever you please at your own speed.  Because that’s what holiday weekends are for…  right?  On another note…  pssssht, c’mahhn.  I wouldn’t leave you hangin’ on Friday without a few faves!

1.  Bien Fait Tee.  I just bought this the other night, and I CANNOT emphasize how amazing it feels, how amazing it hangs, and how I am going to be wearing it every (single) day until it falls off me.  Runs large; I got an XS.

2.  TOMS Memphis Sunglasses.  I’ve been searching for a pair in a blonde shade, and these are perfect.  As seen on my girl Haskell’s Pinterest.  The former editor of Garden & Gun’s got good taste!

3.  Overdyed Arikara Rug, Rugs USA, 80% off on Labor Day Sale.  Sprint.  Go.  Now.  Hurry.  I just bought this one for our basement.

4.  YSL Gris Underground Polish.  It’s like the perfect serene, moody wall color, but in a bottle of nail polish instead of a paint can.  Can’t wait to try it.

5.  Free People Cheeky Lace Bra.  I am *the* pickiest person on the planet when it comes to bras.  This is my hands-down fave.  It’s beautiful, comes in a rainbow of shades, is comfy and it’s super hot.  And $38.  Bangbang.

6.  Clare Vivier Leopard Clutch.  You’ve probably seen this everywhere, and there’s a good reason for it.  Because it’s &%# awesome.  I have it in pale buttery pink and love it.  Statement staple.  Holler.

7.  Geometric Pullover Sweater.  Who doesn’t love a slouchy sweater for Fall?  And this one’s not boring.  I pinned this from It Chick Jamie Meares, who yes, is renowned for her shop/design work, but she also always pins great fashion finds that are really reasonably priced.  Stalk this Pinterest board of hers for ’em.  This sweater’s only $33.  Can’t beat that.

8.  Scandal.  I may or may not have bags under my eyes today because I accidentally watched the first 5 episodes in Season 1 last night.  Over a bag of Skinny Pop (Paleo cheat meal.  What.)  Where have I been?  A little slow on the update apparently, but this show is delicious.  Also, Kerry Washington’s wardrobe is RIDONC on this show.  I may have to call Dana over at Possessionista and have her tell me where to buy all of Kerry’s amazing Fall jackets.

9.  Ohio Buckeyes Tee.  Two tees on one favorites board = proof that I am a Midwesterner.  Homage makes impossibly soft tees you’ll want to live (and tailgate) in. And if anyone needs me, I’ll be living in this one tomorrow, starting at 8am, in the Buckeye Nuthouse with this little Nutbag Superfan.  What’s that??  No, that’s not Axl Rose.  That’s my boyfriend.

Have a great weekend guys!!