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It’s Friday Morning. Drink This With A Splash Of Baileys.

So, usually I’d throw out a smattering of things getting my goat – books, fashion, music, what have you.  And I’m still gonna do that, but can I take a moment to ask for a show of hands on how many people are also super saddened by the death of Joan Rivers?  Chalk her up to one of the people I didn’t realize I’d miss so much until they were gone.  I dunno, I know she was acid tongued, I know she insulted people as her schtick, but I loved all of that.  I also loved that she shattered taboos of subjects that were majorly off limits for women, let alone women decades ago. She gave the middle finger to misogynistic men and spoke up and spoke out for all of us. She had a massive, loving heart and admitted that humor is what got her thru all of the heartbreak she’d endured in life.  And she was one of the most hard working women up until the very end.

So in honor of that sassy broad, our first Friday Fave’s dedicated to her:



This documentary came out in 2010 and it was one of the best docs I’d seen that year.  You must check it out, trust me.  You’ll learn so much about her, you’ll be inspired, you’ll be a little heartbroken, and you’ll realize just how much you’re going to miss her.

P to the S:  Who can forget her blasting Kevin Costner over his then-fiancee’s cheap-o, tiny engagement ring at the 2004 Oscars?  I remember watching and cackling as Kevin looked at her dumbfounded and his fiancé in awe.  I loved every second of it.


Tell me, how cute is Stephie below?  Her yearning for Fall has prompted her to start sending me texts of Fall-inspired goodies, like this suuuuper comfy sweater by Lululemon.  It’s the Post Practice Cardigan and according to Steph, it’s divine. I mean doesn’t it look it?  According to our fave floozy, it’s AMAZING on, the most cozy thing ever, and looks like a nice DILF sweater for chicks.  Can I have it, please?  Can someone gift it to us (ahem, LULULEMON) and we can share custody?

Sweater available here


A little funk meets electro pop never hurt nobody:



I know I’m dumping some sad stuff on y’all today but I have to add this book to your list of must reads.  All of this ice bucket dumping these last fews weeks has gotten me thinking about this memoir.  The author is a 35 year old woman named Jenifer Estess who was living her life to its fullest – she had a crazy busy job, a voracious dating life, a super fit lifestyle – and then she was diagnosed with ALS.  Her memoir (dictated to her sister) is about her journey to live out the rest of her life with courage and love, and it’s pretty incredible.  Grab a box of tissues, a comfy place to read, and go for it.

That’s it for now.  I hope you all have a lovely day and an even lovelier, more relaxing weekend.  Stuff to come on the blog?  Gorgeous weddings, delish recipes and just a couple other tricks up our sleeves.  Stay tuned.