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Saturday Musings, Winter Edition


Let’s spitball, shall we?!

File this under NEED for my office to house tile samples.  Plus it tickles my nostalgic pickle and reminds me of an 80’s card catalog-esque something in the Burris Library. {via Dovetail Furniture / to the trade only.  Contact me for pricing.}


I ONLY love / wear jewelry that’s either an everyday timeless staple, or a really unique antique something-or-other.  This is why I just fekt in love with the sterling silver jewellery catalog which includes a vast variety of rings, bands, bracelets, necklaces and more in many materials.

diamond-herringbone-ring I feel like this GORGEOUS herringbone diamond ring checks both boxes.

I’ve had to source a TON of antique oushaks / kilims / anatolian rugs this year for clients, and I accidentally bought this stunner last week while pounding said rug pavement.  Finding the good ones takes some hunting down, but they’re so worth it.  This is so gorgeous in person I can’t even tell you.


Can I do this to my eyelids on New Years Eve? Crested Butte prob isn’t ready for that, but I’m doin’ it anyway. Cuz there’s no other day of the year when you can get away with either dressing like it’s the 80’s, or dressing like a ho bag. Except maybe Halloween.


Obsessed with this matte black Ilve range.


This is heaven. So mountain chic it’s not even right.


Probably the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.


Spring Greens & Orecchiette pasta dish via Cup of Jo, whom I trust for just about anything.  Can’t wait to try.  The roughage balances out the carbs… right?


DAMN is this good advice.  I saw this quote a few months ago and it resonated with me in about 99 different ways, because I feel like it’s the common denominator of all the lessons I’ve learned in the past 5 years or so… Protect your peace by kindly stepping away from toxic situations / people… protect your peace by setting boundaries and setting the right expectations, personally and professionally… protect your peace by knowing there’s a solution for everything, so remember not to panic, because everything always works out… protect your peace by doing the best you can every day but beyond that, knowing that you can’t worry about what you can’t control. Yadda yadda.


Tabarka can do no wrong for me.  This one is Touareg 8 and it’s kinda moody and I’m smitten.


Obsessed with this photo I saw on Pinterest – so calming.  I would blow this up (way oversized) and slap it in my dining room. Or anywhere, for that matter.


I couldn’t tell you if Anthro’s upholstery is comfortable, but the 90’s Central Perk Friends lover in me loves this velvet chesterfield of theirs. I ordered the fabric swatch (Color: Forest) and it’s TO DIE FOR.


I’d also take ANY piece of furniture covered in this stunning color of blue velvet.


Maybe not a huge sofa but something vintage and bad a$$ – like these vintage Billy Haines loungers:


Gotta use these antique brass pulls somewhere.  Would be boss on a darker piece of furniture (e.g. deep deep navy or a grey, like maybe Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe).


Preach sistah.  Truer words were never spoken.  I CANNOT believe I’m 35 years old. Like, cannot.  I think 1990 was 10 years ago and remember **every single** detail of the 3rd grade like it was yesterday.  My point being, dang that’s a good reminder not to squander ONE SINGLE opportunity you have, because time flies. And whatchoogotta be scared of?  ‘Sides nothing.


Tricky to find a cement tile you haven’t seen on the Pinterest merry-go-round 997x, but this Taza pink & burgundy one is new to me, and I’m in love.


I’ve also seen this guy’s black & white counterpart too many times to count, but in this blue hue?  It’s a little bit different (and somehow edgier) – and I love it.




I need this t-shirt IMMEDIATELY.


I love the materials and color palette they used for this exterior.


I saw this rug, gasped, then ordered the other half of my brain aka Karrie to buy this rug for her master bath last week, and I’m chomping at the bit for it to come in the mail.  We needed something warm with some color and texture to give us another layer in there, and this was the missing puzzle piece. #obsessed


And there she blows in person:


THESE PENDANTS.  I can’t take it.  They’re obviously antiques and I obviously need them.

brass-pendants That’s a pretty bouquet and a pretty dress.  I’m a chick so naturally I love all things wedding – just love much simpler things the older I get.  I’m pretty sure if I’d gotten married at 24 I would’ve had a Cinderella ballgown and fussed over everything; now I hope if / when I get married it’s the most beautifully understated, unfussy and stupidly fun thing ever.  Also – that photograph is by India Earl, whose work I LOVE.


(I mean, just look at this chick’s wedding day weave)


I stalked India Earl some after I saw that image above on Pinterest, and loved everything she does:


Prettiest patina on brass I ever did see. To the trade / holla for pricing.


Love the unique shape of this ottoman / stool by Gabby.  These are so versatile at the foot of the bed, flanking a sofa table behind the sofa to pull around for extra seating when you need it, perched adjacent to the sofa in front of a coffee table, etc.


If you’ve never looked at Gregorius Pineo, take a looksy.  Supah spendy but so great for inspo.


Um. This is blueberry lavender coconut ice cream. Which sounds about as amazing to me as living on a farm of golden retriever puppies and eating bread & butter without getting fat.




This side table from CFC is BALLER.  It’s kinda huge for a side table – 36″W x 32″H (most sofa arm heights are at about 25″), but it’s so killer I wanna find a project to use it in.

cfc-table I want this, even though I know it’s totally ridiculous.  To dress up my skinny H&M jeans & white t-shirts & heels.


I accidentally bought these sparkly stilettos a few weeks ago. Because they’re the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  You see a lotta sparkly heels out there, but up close these are like, DIAMOND ENCRUSTED and perfect.  I also scored them on eBay for about 70% off which is the only reason I sprang (or is it sprung?) for em.  Can you say New Years Eve?
PS: look at Chris’ face.  He’s like (aw HAYLE naw).  bfdhkafjhahhaha


Prettiest front door color I’ve ever seen.  With some festive eucalyptus… and those BELLS.


Sorry to still be on the Susan Connor train, but I’m OBSESSED with her textiles.  Just got these swatches in the mail and I’m sopping up drool over them, with them. Especially in love with the one on the right – it’s got this worn-in perfect denim color. img_5212

Behold… the beauty of a patina’d unlacquered brass shower system. From Waterworks.

img_5407 isn’t my go-to for rugs, but they’ve been putting out some decent tribal rugs lately for around/under $1k.  Like this one I just put in a dude’s office.


Dunno if it’s new or just new to me – from Phillip Jeffries (the king of grasscloth) – but I love it.  Timeless and simple without being boring.


From Sister Parish.  Love this pattern.


I’m not sure I’ve ever met a metal hanging shelf I haven’t loved.


GET IN MY HOUSE.  LOOK AT THAT STOVE PEOPLE. { via elements of style insta – I LOVE Erin Gates for being hysterical and soulful/down to earth, and having great taste.  Hers is one of the few blogs I still read, and one of the instas I always go direct to to see what she’s been up to. }


This is hers too.  See what I mean.


I need this.


Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

TAKE ME TO HERE IMMEDIATELY.  My design friends RAVE about this little shop in Newport Beach.  I could punch myself in the face for not having made it there yet.


Love this piece from Dovetail Furniture (to the trade only – contact me for pricing). The simple detail on the doors is gorgeous, but the metal keeps it gender-neutral. I’d use it as a TV stand, a sideboard in a dining room, an entry piece… anything.


Remind me to do this to my front door next year.


Ace Ventura for the win.  Truer words have REALLY never been spoken. screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-8-19-04-am

Also pretty sure I’ve never met a Kelly Wearstler for Visual Comfort light fixture I haven’t coveted.


Megmade’s been whippin’ up some REAL pretty furniture lately.


Look at what she did here that landed in a kiddo’s room.  Such a sweet idea.


Whole 30 who??  Remind me to hustle up and make this before I tighten the belt and go all GI Stephanie on January 1st.  Pappardelle and slow roasted beef ragu OHMYGYAH I DIE.


May I please eat (that up there) with (the antique silverware) down here??


Doing a Gentleman’s Bar right now, and using these as the backsplash.  Boom.


Just saw this stone at Cabochon La Jolla last week and had to actually ask if it was marble (…it is).  But the linear quality to it made me think it was quartzite, so I was all kindsa confused.  In any case, I LOVE love loved it for all the variation in (monochromatic) tone, for the warmth of it and for its veining.  They said it’s super unique, and because I’m an A-hole, I can’t even remember what it’s called. #epicfail


Recently discovered Mister Zimi on insta and trying to choose which of their suits I wanna get for January’s Mexico trip is like trying to choose a favorite star in the sky.


(So 80’s.  I love it!)




This is perfection.


When you wanna go classic / white but are sick of subway tile.  Hallelujah for Tabarka and their picket fence-esque number.  So cozy and so not boring. {via}



Can you even?  I can’t.  Merry CHRISTMAS!  Yep, I said it.  And can I say this outloud? …I’m annoyed that I feel like I have to kind of watch my mouth and can’t even say or sign my emails this time of year with “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” anymore, because I’m afraid I’m going to offend someone.  Can’t we all JYEST settle down and appreciate that there’s kindness in that sentiment and that people mean well when they say it?? If somebody passed me and said “HAPPY KWANZAA!” or “HAPPY HANUKKAH!!” with a toothy grin on their face, I’d be inclined to feel warm & fuzzy on the inside and smile back and be like, “right back atcha buddy!”; not to get my little white cotton underpanties in a big fat wad.  Just sayin’.  Pretty sure there are more important things to fuss over.  So Merry Merry, people!


{image above via my girl at Ivy & Vine}


Steph's Scanned Signature

Note: All image sources can be found on my Pinterest page unless otherwise noted



Faves from #HPMKT

High Point Market was a few weeks back, which – for those of you who aren’t familiar – is kinda like New York Fashion Week for Interior Design.  It’s where new shiny new sources of inspiration are found and new lines of luscious furniture, textiles and goodness are launched, which is SUPER exciting for design folk, because after awhile, you see the saaaaaaaaame revolving door of stuff and everybody does one big collective yawn.  High Point is where famous designers like Kelly Wearstler and Thom Filicia walk the halls of Interhall and hob-nob with the muggles.  It’s like a sea of swirly twirly gumdrops and parties and design porn.  Let’s set the stage first, cuz some of the prettiest things I saw were just part of the backdrop:

With a white tee and jeans and black suede stilettos (???)  WHAT.

Again.  Yum.

Love what’s on the floor, love what’s on her feet.

More pics of this vignette popped up than Heinz has pickles, but duh.  Look at it.

Lemon trees and lanterns and white, oh my!

Not sure what he was doing there, but I love him.

Prettiest bouquet I ever did see.

I didn’t make it to #hpmkt this time, but I did live living vicariously through everyone who was there via Instagram… just stalking my face off and style spotting from my sofa in San Diego while I watched TNT weekend movies and ate Skinny Pop. It was like watching the prom or TV or something.  Anyway… the Instafeed was aflutter with about 35k posts; I sifted through a few and picked my faves:

HO-LY HEAVEN at Mr. Brown.  Get in my house.  Now.

How fun are these chairs at Lee Industries??  Also.  The English Room is a sah-weet blog if you aren’t already following.  Holly has a great eye.  In the black hole that was the #hpmkt hashtag of posts, so many of the ones I ended up clicking on ended up being hers.  PS: Karrie, these look like you.

Celerie Kemble did a line of wooden floor tiles for Mirth Studio (this is pattern: Folly).  Love.  Just head over to their website, snoop around, then wipe.

The chambray gray duvet and shams with the tattered ruffle on this bed are divine. Is Pom Pom at Home like Matteo meets Shabby Chic??

How swank is this little lamp for a bachelorette pad?  It’s Kelly Wearstler for Visual Comfort… she launched her lighting line with them this market, and it blew up peoples’ shorts the world over.  There were more grinning design folk getting their picture with Kelly Wearstler than there will be kiddies in Santa’s lap this year.

Table from Mr. Brown Home – love the detail:

I love this wall color…  and I especially love it next to lucite and light (is that burl wood?) and rattan and gold.  Why does something about it remind me of Angie Hranowsky?

I was surprised to see some artwork I gasped at.  Like this Rothko-esque number.  I think it is by far *the* hardest thing to shop for.

Similar to the Goodman Pendant from VC (a super fave), but the chain on this one is different so I’m not sure of the source…  the Instagrammer says it can be “done in any Benjamin Moore color.”  I’ll let you know when I track ‘er down.

About 999 people snapped shots of this little ditty by Worlds Away, and for good reason.  I love the grain detail, the hardware, and the fact that it looks like if I ran my hand across it, it would feel like buttah.  It feels equal parts feminine and masculine and equal parts modern and vintage to me, which renders it uber versatile.  I feel like I could flip on Mad Men and see a pair of these chests perched as Don & Betty Draper’s nightstands.

Speaking of buttah…  look at that ottoman.  Sweet Jesus.  Everything Erinn V. always feels pristine and unique to me, so this is no surprise.

Did I just die and go to lilac heaven?

This bad boy (the Hanley) from Arteriors looks like a different animal hung up & lit up than it does on the website.  How fun (??#$%!) for a closet / dressing room or a powder bath?  Or an entry?  BANG.

This Quadrille wallpaper never gets old to me.  Ever.

There are Indian ring stools errr-where, but never have I ever seen one in this indiscernible, bluish-grey hue. It’s perfect.

Last but not least, could we please talk about Ro Sham Beaux?  GYAH, do they ever do wrong?  So whimsical.  And so candy necklace-like.

That last one there my insanely talented boss-lady – Kristin – spotted.  I’ve never seen them do a beaded guy in that color before.  #nomnomnom

Here’s my takeaway from stalking the #hpmkt feed: it’s not just a great source of inspiration and a way to see all the new goodies that just hit the streets…  it’s also a great way to find new people to follow, and to see who and what inspires you.  I definitely found myself “liking” the same peoples’ insta-posts, over and over again.  Some I knew (Meredith Heron, Holly Phillips from the English Room) and some were new to me, but whoever they were, I was picking up what they were putting down.  It’s interesting how people curate things, what their eye catches and what stands out to them in a sea of possibilities.  I have the same fascination with watching what the people ahead of / behind me at the grocery store are buying.  I look at all the items in their cart and size up their life.  My point is, what people deem beautiful and important is a window into their style and into their life, and it’s fun to watch.

What were your guys’ favorites??  What did I miss?  Post links to your faves in the comments section!!