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Beachy Birthday Wishlist

Baby Steph | Covet Living

…what am I, 5?  Yeah maybe.  Whatever.  Guess I’m all pipe dreams & pigtails cuz I’m still making birthday lists.  I call this one the “who do I think I am!?” list.  Slash do you think if I’m *really* good this year and maybe click my heels 3x, the Easter Bunny will grant me ALL 11 wishes below??  Meh – probably not.  But a girl can dream!

Steph's Birthday Wishlist 2015 | Covet Living

1 – Jailbait Bikini | Boys & Arrows ($143 top / $117 bottoms)…  Boys & Arrows is quickly becoming my favorite swimwear designer.  I only know about them from our girl Janae at Pink & Navy– aka our Fashion Yoda.  And since I live in swimsuits on the weekends, then I can justify this (insert air quotes) “investment piece”… right?

Mary the Madwoman Top Vix the Vixen Pant - Jailbait

2 – Pink Ray Ban Aviators | eBay ($115).  Cuz who doesn’t wanna look at everything through rose-colored glasses?

Pink Ray Ban Aviators | Covet Living

3 – California Ripples #2 & #4 | Natural Curiosities.  I saw these at Vegas Market in January in the Natural Curiosities showroom, and they’re positively ethereal (and also massive). Available to the trade.

California Ripples Photography, by Natural Curiosities | Covet Living

4 – Andaman Illusions Printed Pant | Calypso St. Barth ($295).  I tried these on in Malibu a few weeks ago and decided I’d like to live in them.  If they start making a designer collection for Target, I’ll be all set.

Calypso Ikat Pants | Covet Living

5 – Indego African Coral Burst Basket | Urban Outfitters ($60).  I don’t know whether to hang this on a wall, plop some fruit in it, or wear it as a hat.  Either way, I’m game.

Indego Africa Coral Burst Basket

6 – Capri Blue Aloha Orchid No 3 Green Jar Candle | Amazon ($29).  When I tell you this smells like heaven, you should probably take my word for it.

Aloha Orchid Candle

7 – Weekdays Tee | J.Crew ($40).  Je love graphic tees, avec un pencil skirt for work.

Lundi Mardi Mercredi | Covet Living

8 – T3 Featherweight 2 Hairdryer | Nordstrom ($200).  Bud pooped his pants in his grave just now because I just posted a link to a blowdryer that costs $200.

T3 Dryer | Covet Living

But seriously… this is what it did to my hair.  Now do you believe me?

T3 Hairdryer Blowout | Covet Living

9 – Vitamix S55 Personal Blender | Williams Sonoma ($449.95).  Now I love everything on this little pipe dream of a list, but when the rubber meets the road, a Vitamix might be the **one** thing I would really splurge on, because I would use it every day.  Cuz I use a juicer EVERY day.. which would be great if it didn’t take a whole tree of fruit to spat out a cup of juice, and if you didn’t lose so much roughage in the process (I save mine, then put the fruit pulp into Greek yogurt, and the carrot / celery discards into stir fry or spring rolls).

Vitamix | Covet Living

10 – Vintage Ikat Pillow | Rooms & Gardens ($188).  The prettiest thing I ever did see. These are vintage / one of a kind, found in a dreamy little shop on Montana Street in Santa Monica called Rooms & Gardens… it reminds me the rustic, laid-back cousin to our preppier beach chic staple Bixby & Ball in Solana Beach.  Fun fact: the shop owner is Mary Steenburgen.

Vintage Ikat Pillows from Rooms & Gardens | Covet Living

11 – Pendleton Purple Hills Oversized Beach Towel | Aviator Nation (about $48).  My girl KP has a few of these towels and they’re as gorgeous as they are ginormous and luxurious.  And pretty enough to wanna wear as a sari all summer long.

Prettiest Beach Towel | Aviator Nation

If all else fails, can I just get a fat slice uh this and wash it down with some bubbly? Ah grazie!!!

sprinkle cake!


Steph's Scanned Signature

Gift Guide #4: For Mom!

Wash your mouth out and wipe your tears. Today we’re wrapping up our Gift Guide series, and some might say it’s the most important gift guide of all, as it’s the Gift Guide for Moms! I mean really, who’s gone more outta their way to ensure you and your sibs were hooked UP each and every holiday… that you got your Barbie Dream House which was precariously assembled at 2 AM? Our poor moms didn’t get a wink of sleep on Christmas Eve for, oh, about 30 years and we want to recognize that.  So let’s all agree to splurge on Mom a little bit this year, shall we? Because she deserves it. She really does. So heeeeere we go:

1 – LEATHER WALLET, CUYANA, $120. This functional yet chic wallet is dyed THE perfect shade of red and feels like soft, soft goodness. You know, being made out of Argentinian pebble leather and all. Time for mom to throw out the wallet from Hot Topic she found in the backseat of her car and upgrade to this.

2 – ‘THEY SEE ME ROLLIN, THEY HATIN’ KITCHEN APRON, ETSY, $40. Before the term gangsta, there was just the word “Mom.”  Show her some respect by outfitting her in the baddest apron in the land.

3 – Flask Bangle, Cynthia Rowley, $225 or $38 for 6 months. Who said flasks should only be used by sweaty frat guys on the prowl for pizza and freshmen girls? No, this flask is for a classy lady. A classy lady like Mom who after metaphorically wiping her kids’ a*sses for two decades deserves a sleek and discreet nip every once in a while. It’s pricey, but your mom’s love for you is invaluable.  Show up your siblings this year with this golden gift.

4 – Satin Flats, Tory Burch, $206.50. Because there are two types of moms: Those who’ll appreciate making a statement by wearing this pair of super vibrant, Oz-chic slip-ons, and the mom who will look at these, blankly stare and say, “What am I supposed to wear these with?!” We can’t wait to hear our moms chime in on these. Take it away, Tina and Jayne.

5 – Candy Stripe Fringed Throw, Bixby & Ball, $98. She wrapped you in your d*mn blankie all those years, now it’s time to bundle her up and make her feel safe and warm. Mom will love this suuuuper soft cotton blanket, wrapped around her as she watches Nancy Grace or America’s Got Talent, or draped across a couch or chair.

6 – Keurig K-130/B130 Brewing System, $69. Just a happy little single use coffee maker for the woman who “can’t be seen in public unless she’s had a cup of coffee.”

7 – Opalite Round Studs, Pigment, $48. Help her shine a bit with these purdy little studs. A subtle touch of sparkle will look lovely in her ears. Handmade with semi-precious stones found around the world.

8 – Heart Photo Art Collage, Minted, prices vary. A really lovely way to display 30 photos in a cute heart-shaped collage. So sweet, so sentimental, so perfect for Mom.

9 – Ice Cream Pint Club, Jeni’s, prices vary. According to Steph, this ice cream is just “de-freaking-licious.” Actually she used the actual “f” word but as this is a Gift Guide for Moms, we thought we’d keep this post respectable. So this here Jeni’s Ice Cream is supposed to have the most random, yet most mouthwatering flavors of any ice cream you’ll taste. And better yet, you can have it delivered to Mah by signing her up for the Pint Club!  Every 3 months, she’ll receive 3 flavors shipped directly to her doorstep. And get this – according to the website, “Recipients will be notified by a keepsake letterpress (with a handwritten note) and a set of four ice cream spade…”.

10 – Matching Infinity Necklaces, $32.99.  Your mom’s your best friend, right?! So show her she is by getting her this modern day BFF necklace – and get one for yourself while you’re at it. So sweet, and so appropriate for the woman whose love is truly never-ending.

That’s it for this year, friends. We hope you’ve loved our suggestions and please feel free to pass on to your friends and fam! We’ve so loved vicariously shopping for you all through our gift guides.


“Be a good boy and show Mommy how the piggies eat!” – A Christmas Story