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What I’m Jonesing, Right Now.

Welcome to my iPhone, home slices! All throughout the day I’m usually screen grabbing or snapping pix of all kinds of things around me.  So I decided to throw a bunch of pix of said stuff on ze blog. Below are just a few of the things I’m fancying right now:

Mandy Moore’s hair. Have you ever?:

Mandy Moore hair

 In fact I love it so much, I just went ahead and got my own:

Karrie hair

And while we’re on the subject of hair, ladies, can ONE of you please do this to your hair? Get some extensions, whatever you gotta do to emulate this, but just do it and send me a pic?  Thiink you:

Kourtney Kardashian

This. Because it’s so simple, and if you’re lucky to have a mom, you can very easily text this off to her. Do it!

Dear Mom: I Love You

It’s the mooost, wonderful tiiiiime of the year…


Being in this month’s Hamptons Magazine while wearing a $4 TJ Maxx romper (far right) = priceless:

Hamptons Magazine

Taco Bell’s Facebook account. And Twitter feed, and any social media run by Taco Bell. It is as perfect as you’d expect:

Taco Bell twitter

Girl crush alert. Things We Heart Official are two smokin’ moms who’ve got a sick sense of style and humor, love the movie Labrynth (my fave movie ever) and well… I just want to be your friend, thingsweheartofficial.  No biggie.

Things We Heart

The mug my assistant gifted me for the holidays, which we’d included on our Holiday Gift Guide.  Maybe I’m not so mean! 


By FAR my two favorite Instagram profiles, fuckjerry and thefatjewish:


Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.48.26 AM

Nail art I’m gonna try next, via Lucky Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen:

Nail art

This 2.2 liter water bottle, which forces me to drink enough water each day:

Amazon water bottle

These parking cards, which I want to dole out on an almost daily basis while parking in our giganto parking garage at work:

Parking card

And the Insta that zens me out each day. I may not live in Sandy Eggs anymore, but I love being reminded why it’s oh-so perfect (Steph, you lucky toot):


Happy Friday to all!!!


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