House Beautiful

What I’m Diggin’… Right. Now.

(Clockwise from top left)

1. This hot little number from Rent the Runway.  This dress from Tibi, usually priced at 380 smacks (that’s like 100 Number 7s from Taco Bell), is yours for just $50 via the genius rental system on RTR.  Purrfectly sexy, sophisticated and just downright adorable.  Check out the back – can you handle?

2. Not sure why it took me so long to see White Christmas, but better late than never I guess, cause I finally saw this movie last night and LURRVED it.  Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney… oh, my heart pitter patters.  Love the music, love the Vermont setting.  I’ve just started a new yearly viewing tradition.

3. OPI’s sparkly nail colors – Duuuuuude.  These are a party on my nails!  They are just oh-so sparkly and oh yeah, did I mention they hide any chips/nicks?!  (Perfect for this girl, who has the affectionate nickname of “Pigpen” courtesy of her fiance…)

4. This pic of purdy, long, thick hair which makes me appreciative of my surprising self-control and patience while growing my hair out.  Not that I don’t covet my fancy hair extensions, courtesy of Weaves Plus (get on it, girl!)…….

Here’s to a productive Monday full of Christmas shopping, an intense cardio workout and sending last-minute holiday cards to friends and fam (aka, sitting on the couch eating leftover lasagna, brownies and watching Barefoot Contessa! Baaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)


3 Responses to “What I’m Diggin’… Right. Now.”

  • Um, do you think that OPI Sparkly stuff will cover up the zit on my forehead that has its own heartbeat? For Pete’s sake.. and PS – I kind of love your hair short too! Super chic. You’re good either way, kid!! XOXO

    • You are the second friend of mine in a week to have a zit with its own pulse. Have you named it? If you’re celebrating the Holidays together, you might as well…
      PPS – Kind of love shorter hair too. Just unearthed a pic of Nicole Richie with a messy bob and kind of want to chop my hair off and do that.

  • I love WHITE CHRISTMAS!! One of my absolute faves! And sparkly nail polish rules!

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