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For the first time in a short while I was completely able to relax this weekend, which, duh, means I got to stay in my sweatpants for 12 hours straight today.  The fiance is out of town so it was just me and the dog here, being zen’d out and catching up on random stuff.  And lo and behold, it’s actually feeling Fall-like, so all day I dreamt about piling in ingredients for a yummy soup or pot roast to welcome said fiance home.  Of course, he doesn’t get back til tomorrow night and a friend asked me to dinner tonight, so that was shot.  But you get my point. Anywho, a list of some delicious things I’ve been enjoying/wanting to get my hands on lately.  This first one’s a killer:

1. Le Creuset 2-Qt. Cast Iron Enamel Heart Casserole. You guys, this has got to be the coolest, fill-my-heart-to-the-brim wedding gift, ever. And how apropos that our food blogger is responsible for this?  I heart you, Jessica.

2. Two new TV shows. First, “American Horror Story”. This is unlike any horror film.  That’s because this is the most warped, psychotically demented telling of a horror story, and it’s on TV.  And written by Ryan Murphy of Nip/Tuck and Glee. And it co-stars one of my favorite TV moms, ever, Tami Taylor from FNL.  If you can stomach it, go watch it. Happy friggin’ Halloween.

(Why does Tami Taylor have her hands on that guy?  That’s not Coach Taylor)

And second, “Chelsea Settles”. The oddest thing happened the other night: I turned on MTV and found myself hypnotized by this new doc series around a 23-yr-old girl who wants to move to LA to pursue her dream of getting into the fashion biz.  Chelsea Settles is a small town girl, 324 lbs and just lets every single drop of emotion hang out there for the cameras.  You absolutely can’t help but root for this girl.  Watch this clip:

3. Peach colored hair tips. Lauren Conrad, you’ve outdone yourself once again. Gurl, you can do no wrong. First were your tie-dyed tips, and now some peachy keen ones.  Love ’em.  If I was a blonde I’d be on this a drunken college girl upside down on a keg.

4. My shiny, olive green Anthropologie harem pants courtesy of the one and only Shtayph. The only thing cuter than these silky, cute pants is the fact that Steph sports a pair too.  Meaning next time we see each other we’ll both wear them, and it’ll be like the movie Twins, Part 2. I’d play the Danny Devito character, duh:

I found pix on the net of this sassy Anthropologie employee with much longer limbs wearing the pants:


5. TheBlogess and Suri’s Burn BookTwo of the most wickedly hilarious blogs I’ve read in a while.

6. The trailer to this endearing-looking forthcoming documentary, Being Elmo. Just watch and try not to melt a little.

Happy beginning of the week everyone.

Hearts and stars,

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  • Le Creuset style cookware makes a ton of difference in the kitchen and theres nothing wrong with it looking good as well. I love their island blue color but my husband came with a navy blue set so we have built on it. Im also crazy for American Horror Story. The trailers leading up to it had me hooked. We DVR it every week. I hope my bad luck of showes I love only lasting one season dosen’t strike again. Happy Haunthing is right!
    Love your pants from Anthropologie also but mostly because you showed them on you. You look great and hardly look a day older than the last time I saw you in highschool! I could go for some cute and comfy pants these days! Do they have an elastic waste band for rapidly growing baby bumps?

  • Hi Ivy! Do you have any good suggestions for what to cook in the Le Creuset? I have yet to break it in.
    As for the Anthro pants – not only are they silky and comfy, but yes, the waistband is elastic. OH HALLELUJAH IN THE HIGHEST!
    Congrats on your baby. When are you due?


  • seriously, that show Chelsea Settles is so wonderful… You really want to route for her. What an amazing, special, GREAT girl. I want to give her an internship.

  • Karrie, time to open your Barefoot Contessa cookbook! She cooks everything in her Le Creuset 🙂

  • Sooo glad you had a relaxing wedding, bride-to-be. I hope you were able to fit in a pampering in there somewhere. Love you!!!!

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