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Let’s Talk About Married at First Sight

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Can we all take a quiet moment to reflect on one of the best shows to premiere in 2014? Married At First Sight was one of the craziest, most controversial shows last year – and yet it was also one of the most endearingly real shows to hit the air in quite some time.  In case you were comfortably habitating under a rock, the premise was simple: 3 brave NYC singles agreed to marry 3 other singles – STRANGERS – and live together for 5 weeks.

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After getting real intimate (and I’m not just talking in the biblical sense), the couples had to choose whether to stay married or legally get divorced.

I couldn’t be more amped. The new season premieres on A&E/FYI TONIGHT! and lest I forget the most important part of this post, my adorable little Sheep, aka my co-blogger, Karrie, is the Executive Producer.  That’s right kiddos – she doesn’t just slam Papa Johns and pen music mashups, marriage advice and book posts – she moonlights as a bonafide bad ass in real life.  Kinda cool right?

So, drop your plans of watching Real Housewives of Bev Hills tonight, do yourself a solid and tune in. You seriously won’t regret it:


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  • Similar show aired about 10 yrs ago called Married by America: Couples chosen by family and poll. Gal was behind a screen and slipped her hand through a hole in the screen; The guy put an engagement ring on her finger. Couples lived together for a period of time and were eliminated down to two couples. Ended with “wedding” ceremony where the guy proposed to the gal and, in front of families and friends. Neither couple married. The best of trash TV. Throw pillow shield was out in full force.

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