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It’s My Birfday and I’ll Compile a Birfday List If I Want To…

Leetle Karrie | Covet Living

…like I’m 7 years old and I’m anticipating a Peaches N’ Cream Barbie or somethin’. But really, I still feel like a kid, so why grow up and stop compiling birthday wish lists? Right, my thoughts exactly. So here goes with the goodies I’ve got my eyes on 😉

This off the shoulder gray knit dress – only $35! – is so hot and very very Flashdance. Ok I’ll be honest; I kind of want Stephanie to buy it so I can just borrow it off her. Thanks Shtooph!:

Off Shoulder Knitted Sweater | Covet Living

Anything and everything from my new fave jewelry/fashion company – Fashionable. It’s genius and sells such great stuff – and all for a GREAT cause. All of their products (which are very reasonably priced) are made by women in the US and other countries who have overcome challenges from addiction to lack of opportunity. Four of my faves:

Fashionable jewelry | Covet Living

{Clockwise from top left: Ear Arch, $24Cuff Ring, $34 | Hammered Circle Earrings, $30 | X Ring, $34}

The most delicious smelling candle ever created – the Nest Grapefruit candle:

Nest Grapefruit candle | Covet Living

One of my main goals in life is not to keep myself challenged as a human being by learning a new hobby, or to achieve greatness, or live as long as possible through great health; it’s to stop looking like a GODDANG HOBO when I go to bed each night. Too bad I keep failing. That’s why I need this adorable Top and Pajama Set from Tarjay! At $19.99, it’s wicked cheap, but still really cute – and according to reviews, super comfy:

Pajama set | Target | Covet Living

This handwoven multi-colored camera strap from LoveBirdsLA is so pretty, it might just make me pick up the ol’ camera to take some photos more often. This is just gorgeous!:

Tulla Camera Strap | Covet Living

I’m in maje need of new running kicks – I think mine are 2-3 years old. These Nike Air kicks are currently on sale and just what I need!:

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

A subscription to the best mag on the planet:

LC Redbook

I’m just going to come out and say it. I need a subscription to Redbook Magazine. GURL DON’T KNOCK IT TIL YOU TRY READ IT! I grew up reading my grandma’s Redbooks (placed in a stack in her bathroom for leisurely reading thank you) and assumed if I opened one up these days, I’d learn about beef noodle crockpot recipes and outfit ideas for one’s favorite pair of sensible slacks. Not the case. Every time I pick up an issue (usually at home in Indiana – ’cause my Mom knows what’s up) I find myself ingesting entertaining ideas from Lauren Conrad, getting moisturizer tips from Jessica Alba, marriage tips that sound reasonable but which I’ll forget; and ok, maybe a beef and noodle crockpot recipe but one that is lean and delicious. I am embracing my love of Redbook Magazine right here and now.

This nubby yummy sweater from Cupshe is $30(!) and screaming my name for Fall:

Cupshe Grin and Flare It Sweater | Karrie's Birthday List | Covet Living

And that’s it. Thank you all for indulging me. Also, if I said I wasn’t celebrating my birthday for the whole month of August, I’d be lying.

Love to love youuuuuu,

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