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Domino Mag Returning! It’s the Hap-, Happiest Day Of The Year…

This morning we woke up to find out some of the best news (in Decor Lovers Land, at least): Domino Magazine is being re-launched!!! Starting in the Fall, Domino will be resurrected for four quarterly print magazines and an e-commerce site and well, we couldn’t be happier.

Having been devotees of this magazine since it started in ’05, Steph and I were devastated when it became a victim of the recession in ’09.  We LOVED it, because unlike every other decor magazine, it was this wicked cool magazine tailored to those of us who drooled over end tables and headboards but who couldn’t afford to shell out beaucoup bucks.

It had easy step-by-step DIYs for the coolest projects for your home; some of the most rad celeb home tours (Gwen Stefani or Amanda Peet anyone?); and the decor style featured in the pages was everything from boho chic to 20-something glam – and all wallet friendly.

Anyhoo – it’s a good Tuesday.  Be sure and keep your eyes peeled for this delight, perhaps as early as this month.

Giddy up!!!


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