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We Love You, Andy!


I know most of you probably saw the terrifying footage of the Sugarland stage that folded and collapsed Saturday night at the Indiana State Fair.  And while you probably don’t know the gorgeous girl in the photo above (or that cute little nugget she’s holding), I wanted to ask if you might keep her in your thoughts.  Her name is Andrea (Voss) Vellinga – affectionately known as “Andy,” “Dru,” or “Voss.”  She’s a former teammate and high school pal…

A beloved friend to everyone she’s ever encountered…

A member of the sort of salt-of-the-earth family you want to live next door to, or just beg to adopt you…

And most importantly, is the mother of a beautiful little girl named Lydia, who I know she loves more than anything.

Andy is one of the best and most beautiful people on the face of the planet, inside and out…  One who radiates warmth, kindness and joy, and I have never been around her when she wasn’t infectiously and gregariously laughing, smiling, or hugging somebody.  Andy was critically injured on Saturday when the stage collapsed, and is currently in intensive care hangin’ tough but fighting hard for her life.  If you could, please, please keep this amazing girl and her family in your thoughts this week.

Much love to ya Voss – we’re all pulling for you!

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  • I met Andrea at her sister-n-law, Lori’s, baby shower in May! I couldn’t get over how beautiful she was and how much she looked like her brother Tyler … we got so involved and excited about what we were chatting about and were finally “Shhhhhhhh” ed to be quiet so that Lori could begin opening her gifts! She’s the kind of person that when you meet her, you feel like you’ve known her your entire life! I am praying buckets FULL of prayers for Andrea and on behalf of her precious Lydia! Ephesians 3:20 Our God is ABLE to do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond ANYthing that we could ever hope for, dream of, or imagine.

  • Prayers for you Andrea! Hot Pink ribbons are going up all over town until you come home!

  • Jenni Copeland Belanger

    I have been praying since hearing about this tragedy…I know that God has a plan even when we don’t see it.I will continue to pray for all that have suffered from this as well as those who were blessed to have not been injured physically.. I have friends who where there and not hurt, but still have to remember the sight of those who were..I am having all my Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, and Florida friends praying and lifting our voices together to God, were are expecting miracles! Be Blessed

  • So many prayers for Andrea and her family during this trying time. I was a few years younger than Andrea, but I always remember seeing her and thinking she was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. Praying.

  • Thoughts & prayer go out to all involved.

  • we will be praying for you guys

  • I met Andrea several years ago in Columbia SC. She is such a positive person and as someone said her smile was contagious. All of the Columbia Inferno family are praying for her continued improvement,continued strength for her family and continued insight for her medical staff.

  • Praying for your friend & her family Stephanie. I so remember her from vball! I always thought she was so pretty!

  • Tom and Lisa Sutter

    Along with God, Andrea has a good chance of pulling through all of this. Lets keep our heads high and only wish for the best. May god be with you Andrea.

  • I have been praying for Andrea ever since my friend, Margaret (who, incidentally, also told me about your blog!), told me about this. So, so sad, but hopefully she will pull through. Sounds like she has a lot of people praying for her!

  • My prayers will be with Andrea and her family until she comes home. She is very blessed to have such loving and loyal friends and family. I truly believe that God does answer prayers and that miracles happen every day. God bless you all!

  • You dont know me but I am a friend of a friend. I pray every day for Andrea’s recovery, and for all the victims and their families of that tragic accident. I have heard nothing but amazing things, and I know god will work this out in the end. Be strong, have faith, and know that she is in the prayers of so many. God bless.

  • Margaret Hill (Chatham ON)

    Lydia, looks so much like her grandmother Judy Vellinga

    I am praying that Andrea, will make a full recovery, and soon be back home with Mike and Lydia.

    Yes it will be a long road to recovery, brain injuries take time to heal, but having worked in the medical profession, I have seen people, that could barely sit up, took two people to walk to the bathroom, and help hold the person while sitting on the “throne” to one day walking out of the hospital on their own….miracles still happen today

  • I don’t really know Andrea, but we went to high school together. I hope and pray that she makes a full recovery! I believe she will!!!

  • I remember Andrea as a young girl when she played Munciana volleyball. My thoughts and prayers are with her and all her loving family and friends.

  • Regina ( Robinson) Coon

    I didnt know Andrea very well. I went to High School with her, I remember seeing her in the hall way laughing , My Thoughs and Prayers are with her and her family, Pink Ribbons are flying in Anderon :)!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Rankin Chatham

    I have only met Andrea a few times while home with Mike visiting family. The one thing that stands out in my mind ( along with everyone else’s by the sounds of it) is her smile. Very happy and friendly girl! Mike, I am so sorry that you and your family have been struck with something so tragic. You are in my thoughts and I will continue to say a prayer for Andrea. Take care.xo

  • Debbie Dudley Waitman

    I was so shocked to hear about the terrible accident at the State Fair. My niece, who lives in Pendleton, contacted me to let me know that Andrea is the daughter of one of my high school friends. I am so sorry, Steve, that Andrea and your family is going through this terrible ordeal. I will keep Andrea and all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you the very best. Debbie

  • We are praying for Andrea here in Perry, KS. She and her family are in our U. Methodist prayer list. Prayers are also coming from Prayer Warriors in Louisberg, KS, Topeka, KS, Albequerque,NM, and White Hall, AR. We know He’s holding each of you in His arms during this difficult time.
    God Bless you, Louvae

  • I am praying for you and hoping for a full recovery. I saw your friend at the concert at around 11:00 or so and she was desperately searching for information about you and I can’t get her out of my mind either. I am praying for her, you and your entire family.

  • One night I dreamed a dream. I was walking along the beach with my Lord. Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to me and one to my Lord. When the last scene of my life shot before me I looked back at the footprints in the sand. There was only one set of footprints. I realized that this was at the lowest and saddest times of my life. This always bothered me and I questioned the Lord about my dilemma. “Lord, You told me when I decided to follow You, You would walk and talk with me all the way. But I’m aware that during the most troublesome times of my life there is only one set of footprints. I just don’t understand why, when I need You most, You leave me?”



  • Andrea is by far the most positive and sociable people I have ever met. Her smile and laugh is infectious. We worked together to start “The Villas At Timber Run” in Greenfield where she was an amazing sales lady. Her personality was perfect for that position. I got the chance to go an visit her and Tyler on Friday. To see her in such a state is completely heartbreaking. BUT, we hold our heads high. Andrea is a fighter and she will overcome. Our faith and trust is placed completely in God’s healing hands. As a cancer survivor myself, I am living proof that God does still heal and perform miracles. Through my cancer battle, Andrea is one who did reach out to me with the kindest of words at a very dark and troubling time for me and my family. It is something that is great to receive, but you wish to never have to reciprocate. Well, now its Andrea’s turn. I’m asking everybody I encounter to help and pray whenever possible. I ask friends and family to hug their kids a little tighter because you never know when your time will come to have your life turned upside down in such a way. Unless you knew Andrea personally, you never really know how wonderful, beautiful and joyful this woman is. I speak in the present tense intentionally, because we are all praying for a miraculious, full recovery in this situation. We pray in unison for this and with our trust and faith at the forefront, we can expect God to answer our prayers in His time and in a way only He can.

  • I don’t know Andrea well but have had the pleasure of doing her hair once or twice when she has been in Chatham. She is such a nice person and beautiful girl!! All of us at Form and Function are thinking of the family and praying everyday for her recovery!

  • Our hearts and prayers go out to Andrea and family.
    We are family friends of a former teamate.

    “We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in His love. God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. 1 John 4:16

    We believe in Gods healing touch.

  • Just heard about this tragedy from a fellow minor league hockey fan. I never had a chance to meet Andrea, but like many fellow Long Beach Ice Dogs fan, I cheered on her husband each night he skated on the ice. Thoughts and prayers are being conveyed tonight for a speedy recovery.

  • Elizabeth (Hinga) Ogea

    I have known Andrea since we were kids, and I have always loved her beautiful smile! It’s infectious! I have been very touched by the beautiful words and prayers being offered from Tyler, friends, and even total strangers. I want her family to know that we pray everyday for Andrea’s total recovery. My 5-yr-old daughter prays for Andrea’s daughter, and that she will have her mommy home with her very soon. (My daughter’s prayers are always answered.) Our entire church out in Colorado is praying for the Voss/Vellinga family. It is truly amazing how God’s spirit is moving amid this tragedy, and that even in poor health, Andrea has managed to so vividly touch people’s lives. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Andrea. Stay strong. God bless you.

  • The Voss family have been our neighbors for a few years. I thought they were great right away! Soon after Andrea and Steve moved back to town we meet Lydia! My daughters name is Alidia so we have always called her “little Lydi”! She is not so little any more! We have enjoyed watching her grow! Andrea is so beautiful and always been so sweet to our family. I pray with all my heart that Andrea will come back to us soon and continue being the great Mom, wife, daughter and friend she is! In constant prayer and love….

  • Thinking of Andrea and her beautiful family!! Prayers

  • Thinking of you everyday, wore pink to school today Aug.25. You’ve been on my mind lately, trying to work around my school time to go get a pink feather for your support. Keep fighting Andrea, You’r so strong. GO PINK <3

  • I am sorry I do not know Andrea personally but I do know somebody that does. Andrea looks like a very sweet gal and Lydia is adorable. I pray for her and her family that she will be home soon and she can have a speedy recovery. God is just letting her rest for now and his angels will be keeping watch over her. God be with you all and he keep his arms around Andrea and heal her body soon.

    In Christ Name,


  • I don’t know Andrea or her family, but heard about her from a friend. I am keeping Andrea and her family in my thoughts and prayers. God is Good….keep the Faith. God Bless You All.

  • I don’t personally know Andrea, but I’ve never heard of such a wonderful person than what she sounds like. I pray for her recovery everyday and for the whole Voss Family.

  • Andrea’s accident was a sad shock to us. We remember happier times when we lived just around the corner and our children played with the Vellinga children. We are praying that tha Great Physician will bless Andrea with healing in miraculous measure. To the family: continue to be positive in faith, hope and love. Our prayers are with you all!

  • Our daughter, Meagan Toothman, was in the accident with Andrea. We spent 9 days with all of her family and friends at Methodist Hospital. Thank you all for you kindness and prayers. Our family continues to pray for Andrea and all of her family. God bless you all.

    The Oakley Family and forever Meagan

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