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Scenes From a Weekend (San Diego Edition)

Pacific Beach | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

This just in: San Diego is the most perfect city, ever. Well at least in the US. One half of us lives there now, and one half of us once lived there while engaged and figuring out how to work in LA while living in San Diego with her man (come to find out… not really possible).

This weekend the two of us were reunited and went traipsin’ about this Fine City like two girls with not a care in the world. And after some recent stress due to buying and renovating a home, plus other general life stuff, it was perfect timing to get together and just freakin’ have some fun. Pics below of our past 48 hours!:

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

After a semi-brutal 4-hour drive from LA to SD Friday afternoon, tacos and margs were in order at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Machado. The best thing? I (Karrie) got to reunite with a visiting college roommate, and oh yeah, her 26-year-old boyfriend (GET IT GIRL). PS, 10 minutes after this photo was taken, Steph fell asleep *sitting up* in the cab. K, NEXT.

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

Saturday we were originally gonna go paddleboarding but 5-8′ waves in the Pacific ruled that out real fast. Instead? Rental beach cruisers and matching sweatshirts due to some cool temps. Ok, and cause we will never outgrow our 7-year-old selves and like dressing identically.

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

How do you like them apples; another taco treat. This time, fish tacos.


Then, holy bejesus, the best thing we’ve come across since travel-sized Velveeta: Ice cream cone flights. WHAT. Hammond’s in PB serves really, really good ice cream in 2, 3, or 4 cone flights.

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

Our heads nearly exploded with happiness.


Actually, once inside The Cloud, that’s where the happiness reached an epic level.


Wine, The Cloud, sweats, Indecent Proposal playing on the iPad. Hello Saturday night.

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

Sunday morning was spent eating banana pancakes and then deciding (finally!) on the color for the island going into our kitchen. So many of you wrote in with your opinions, and for those who did, we decided on the Vegas Peacock on the left!


Sunday afternoon: A pit stop at one of the heavenly shops along Cedros Avenue: Solo, which carries everything from Peruvian blankets to Kantha throws, to cookbooks, to candles, to, well, anything and everything delicious.


GusGus waited patiently as Mahhhm rifled thru I don’t know what.


Seriously. How wonderful are these blankets?


They have the BEST selection of books that give you wanderlust, ferreal.

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

Like Mother, Like Son. GusGus falling asleep in the car.

That’s it for now lovelies!

Have a wonderful week.


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  • What a perfect weekend. Old friends, good food, ‘ritas and store hopping. How is it possible to love a dog so much that I’ve never met? He looks like such a Pooh. GusGus for POTUS! The most intelligent candidate so far.

  • this is so exciting

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