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Hungover? Drink this.

Didja have one too many pops last night?  I did on Friday night.  And by “too many,” I mean 2.5, because I have the tolerance of an 8th grader.  I also hurled myself head-first into a bowl of chips & salsa at Casa Machado, which didn’t help.  But what does always help me the morning after is throwing some earthy goodness into the juicer and putting some nutrients back in my system.  This is actually what I drink as soon as I get up every day – it just comes in *extra* handy on the weekend mornings you wake up sweating out and smelling like Sauvignon Blanc.  I usually use the ingredients below, plus a fat bulb of ginger:

If you add even half of that apple or the orange, you really don’t need to add honey or anything sugary to it.  I’ve tried adding spinach and kale, too, but they don’t yield a lotta juice (they might be better served in a Vitamix).  Lemons are also good for detox.  And so is hot yoga.  And while we’re at it, couch-surfing and watching TNT 80’s movies is also a stellar way to recoup.

Happy Sunday kids!

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