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Low-Key Weekend: Movie Night!

If it were about 25 degrees warmer, I’d be amped to spend Saturday Funday marinating outdoors, decked out in flip flops and some cute flowy dress, with the sun and the breeze on my face, whoopin’ it up with an ice cold Orangina in hand…  But this weekend, it’s gonna be cold and rainy.  Wahnnnt-waaahhhhhhh.  The silver lining is, however, that it almost just makes me want to hole up with a heap of movies, some tasty treats, my big fuzzy blanket, and a coupla good friends.  Oh, crummy weather.  Sometimes you make me secretly glad I have an excuse to wear sweats and do next-to-nothing.

That said, I will NOT allow this weekend to completely sideline my social calendar and turn me into a hermit.  Instead, I think I’ll host a spring-has-almost-sprung movie night (!)  Because summer is right around the corner and soon (deep breath), there’ll be more travel, weddings, and work on my plate than I can handle.  So I don’t know about you, but I could stand a low-key, low-cost, low-maintenance weekend.  Here’s what’s gonna happen…

I’m gonna suit up in something that’s comfy without being sloppy.  Like-ah zeese:

(*Linen Sweatshirt at J.Crew * Vintage Jeans by Seven * Plush Blanket, similar to shown, at TJ Maxx * Mocs at LL Bean *)

Then, I’m gonna invite some friends over, and rent some combination of these:

(And if you haven’t seen this one, it’s a subtitled delight!  Here’s the trailer):

For some easy twists on classic movie grub, I’ll whip up some Spicy-and-Sweet-Popcorn and Vanilla Rum Colas (courtesy of Martha Stewart):

…And maybe some Hot Spinach Dip (but sub out all that bread for fresh veggies – carrots, celery, and red pepper…  bathing suit season’s around the corner…  yikes!)

As a non-alcoholic drink alternative, fill a glass 3/4 full of Diet Sprite, then fill the remainder with a hefty splash of POM juice.

For dessert, grab the Ciao Bella (blood orange = my favorite flavor) and some spoons…  you’re all set!

Quick Entertaining Tips to Remember:

1.  Get yourself ready first, THEN make sure your beverages are prepped & handy, THEN start cooking.  Nobody wants to walk in and find you scrambling around the kitchen wearing a bath towel…  At which point, you’ll have to leave the room to change and get ready, and they’ll be standing around in your kitchen with their fingers up their noses – sans you and sans a drink.  So get ready first.  You can chop the last few veggies after they get there, and while you guys catch up.  No one will mind.

2.  Have music playing before guests arrive.  It feels funny to walk into a place that’s silent, doesn’t it?  Something about having music playing puts people at ease.

3.  Make sure you have extra throw pillows and blankets on hand…  fuzzy socks…  sweatshirts…  anything that might make people feel more at home.

Happy Weekend!!!  XOXO

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