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Don’t Walk. RUN To Get These Boots.

My name is Karrie and lately I’m a boots-shopping-aholic who can’t stop myself.  It doesn’t help that everywhere I look, I see amazing boots, especially those worn by the likes of Gwyneth and other style mavens:

But unlike most bloggers who are seemingly gifted with the ability to drop $500 on a pair of Rag and Bone booties, I’ll never, ever be able to plop down real $ on material things like that.  It’s just not in my DNA.  That’s why I’m downright giddy about the below gems I found this weekend.  Say hello to a $35 pair of Old Navy booties, which are so cute and comfy.

A great alternative to the normal black booties I’m seeing everywhere, they’re this dark grey/almost blue tone that seem to go with everything. And they’ve got several colors right now – including the camel-colored ones below:


Hurry up and get ’em before they sell out!


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