House Beautiful

Play this now. Thank me later.

Pretty sure I acted almost exactly like that this weekend during a rip-roaring weekend in Minneapolis with some good friends.  Also pretty sure I saw group of upstanding, 30-something professional family men on a bus get up and dance to/act out this entire song…  with the “call me!” hand-phone & everything (*COUGH* Crowley).  All of which remind me how true this really is…

And if we’re going by those standards – coupled with the fact that I can’t keep coffee, toothpaste or BBQ sauce in my mouth, then that makes me about 8 years old.

…and renders Karrie somewhere around 6.  She sure does put on a great front though.

PS: A big fat kudos to my girl Jenny Sain for finding this gem on YouTube. So actually, you can thank her.

Have a great week!!


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