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Karrie sent me this picture message from a gift store in Scotland a few days ago, and it has since become my new mantra, and the screen saver on my phone.  Truer words may have never been spoken.

It’s like a little light bulb just went off in my head (ping!) …courtesy, once again, of Mr. Edison.  That profound little sentence has inspired me to start tackling a LOT of stuff that’s been treading water on my to-do list for a long, LONG time.  From trivial things – like cleaning out my closet and getting back into my skinny jeans – to bigger fish, e.g. “what am I really doing with my life?”  Mr. Light Bulb Man’s words have made me take a good look in the mirror, re-evaluate what I need to be doing to get me to the places I wanna go, and have set me in motion.  Giddy up.  Because, seriously.  WHAT I been WAITING on?

And what about YOU?!  Are you exactly where you wanna be?  Doing what you wanna be doing?  Welp, if you’re not, now’s your chance!  Whatcha waitin’ on?  Go get it!

PS: We would love to hear your story – leave a comment and tell us what’s on your list!


4 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  • I’m working on being happy with myself… I’m my own biggest enemy and I seem to do nothing but stand in my own way. Thanks for the post, I needed your words today.

  • Paria, aka my soul sista, your comment reminded me of my friend’s FB status yesterday. It read, “If only I followed advice as well as I gave it.” So true. With you, I wanna say, “You know all the times you tell me how awesome I am/how awesome my blog is/how skinny I’m looking today?” Wellll….. time to turn that around on yo’self for a change!

    Love ya gurrrl.


  • Wow . . . I need that quote these days! Just returned today from my wedding / honeymoon and we are about to start a new adventure with a new job on the other side of the country! Taking on a new HUGE challenge at work and really going to push my capabilities and do it all with my wonderful husband by my side.

    • Suzanne (!!!) OMG, you got MARRIED to my favorite REF!!! (Keith, right?) Ahhh congratulations! Glad to hear the quote came in handy, and SO excited for your big move and new job! Hopefully I’ll still bump into you guys at an alumni function down the road 🙂 XO! Steph

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