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“Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up.”

That’s a little quote from Winston Churchill – and one worth remembering the next time you feel defeated and are thinking about throwing in the towel.  Clearly, David Freese must’ve read a little Churchill bedtime story every night for the past 28-or-so years leading up to last night’s World Series Game 6, because he and his Cards are a perfect example of what happens when you decide not to give up.

AHHHHHHHHHH!  Best moment in sports history I’ve ever witnessed.  As a former athlete, DANG.  You gotta love a team that rallies like that in clutch time.  My hat’s off to all the Cards…  Even the ones with dingleberries of dip spit in their grizzly bear beards.  And, here’s another hometown hero I love who is rallying pretty hard herself:

For those of you who missed this post, Andrea is a friend and former teammate of mine who was in the front row at the Sugarland concert back in August when the stage collapsed.

She was critically injured when a toppling steel beam crushed the back of her skull, leaving her knocked unconscious with severe head trauma and only minutes to live.  Miraculously, two bystanders rushed her to an ambulance on a cot made of folding chairs; she arrived at the hospital with only 3 minutes to live.  One 5-hour brain surgery, weeks in a medically induced coma hanging on by a thread, over 6,500 Facebook followers, and one small town painted hot pink in her honor later, Andrea is walking, talking, and slowly but surely on the road to recovery.  The note above is one she penned last night on her own accord and asked for her family to post on Facebook, so that people would know how grateful she is to them for their thoughts & prayers.  What a great kid.  Cheers to Freese and Voss for setting a stellar example for the rest of us.

Have a great weekend!

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  • Great post, Steph. What an inspiration Andrea has been with her recovery. I’m amazed every time Tyler posts her progress. She is a living tribute to God’s miracles. And, oh I have to agree with you on those Cardinals – what a series and what a victory!!

  • this is why covet living is my fave!!!

  • This post gives me chills and I appreciate the fact that you wrote this
    Life is so precious and we really don’t know! Love your post on the Cardinals
    Have a great weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

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