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Motivation Monday: Shedding Winter LB’s

I don’t know about you, but I did a real number on myself this winter.  To the tune of about 12 pounds.  I won’t say the Girl Scout cookies, pasta, and unbridled enthusiasm for weekend couch time while it was freezing outside weren’t all a great time, but now I literally feel like a different person.  Last summer I felt strong, lean and bursting with energy.

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And currently, I feel lethargic and not very comfortable in my own skin, AT all.  Or in my clothes, because I’ve been ready to bust a seam in my pants since December.  Ugh.  If you’ve ever put on a few extra LB’s, you know that whether it’s 5 pounds or 50 pounds, that physical discomfort spills into every facet of your life.  So with all that said, yo.  Spring’s comin.  Let’s get back on the track by using the best fat burning pills.  I don’t know about you, but these are the things that help me out…  and a good place to start is always my playlist.

1.  Recharge Your Playlist. These recent additions to my iPod mix *literally* make me run harder, faster and longer.

Did you and your friends make up as many dances to this song as we did in the early 90’s??  I thought so.

I’m a little late to the game here, but this one rocks my face off.  It literally got me over the hump the other day and got me to bust out an extra mile when I was really struggling.  Also – make like a Spinning instructor when you build your playlist and tailor it to your workout.  You know how they match the tempo of each song to the climb or sprint they’re taking you through??  That always helps me.  If I’m doing a 3 mile run that starts at a slow jog and ends in a sprint, then I will start off with a good steady beat – like U2’s Bad, and finish with something like Janet Jackson’s If.  I’m on a Janet kick – can you tell?

2.  Fill the Fridge with Goodness. And with things you know are good for you: supplements from NuMedica, lean proteins, fresh fruits & veggies, Greek yogurt, almond milk, etc.  Putting anything that doesn’t belong in there is like setting myself up to fail, because if I see pasta, then I reach for pasta.  It also helps if I leave snacks in my car – e.g. little bags of almonds, bottles of water – so I’m not tempted to hit up Wendy’s for a #2 instead.  And I love a Wendy’s #2 like a fat kid loves cake. Anyhoo – at home, who knows who has the exact list of belly fat burning foods, but the consensus seems to be ones like the below:

3.  Make it a Priority.  All winter I was like, “Meh, if I finish up with everything else and have time and still feel like it, then I’ll go to the gym.”  Mmm hmm.  Ask me how many times that happened.  Making it a priority and building the rest of my day around a workout – instead of maybe getting to it if the wind is blowing the right direction and the stars are properly aligned – helps me out big time.  So does that whole, “Where would you be now if you had started a month ago” thing.  So true.

4.  Write it Down.  Thinking about it is one thing, but as soon as you write something down, you’re accountable for it.  I recently wrote down my weight loss and fitness goals and hung them in the kitchen next to where I keep my fat burners.  Now I gotta (and really wanna) do it.  Period. I love to use Kratom to improve the quality of my life in many ways.  Given Kratom’s beneficial effects, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many use it as an effective supplement for fitness purposes. Kratom can be a very effective, natural workout supplement for fitness lovers, athletes, and bodybuilding professionals but, where can I find kratom online? kratom masters offers the highest quality Kratom products. Another great option is bhang, they offer cannabis edibles in Canada and provide the best deal for you!

5.  Find your motivation, and Do What Works for You.  Matt loves torturing himself with Crossfit – it’s a stress reliever and gives him a huge sense of accomplishment, because it’s like (my words) insane voluntary torture, and there aren’t a lot of people who will push themselves through it.  Personally, I think that sh*t is absolutely cray, but diff’rent strokes.  For my mom, it’s a big family wedding this summer, and she’ll probably take long walks and watch her diet to lose the weight.   For me, my motivation is feeling good about myself – physically and mentally.  And I usually get there by treadmill-racing everyone else in the gym, and circuit training after.  So whatever it is you’re working towards, find a way to get there that works for you.

6. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I know 12 pounds isn’t coming off by next week, but I also know that I feel a little bit better and stronger each day… and also a little empowered – not deprived – every time I make a good choice about what I’m putting in my body. Or every time I peel myself off the couch and take Gus for a run. I’m one step closer to where I wanna be, gaining motivation from weight loss therapyand it gets a little bit easier every day.

So rawr – go get em!


Photo Credits: Sweaty Dancer | Belly Burning Foods | Summer 2013

6 Responses to “Motivation Monday: Shedding Winter LB’s”

  • Gurl, I so needed that shot in the arm. Put down the M&Ms. Put DOWN the M&Ms. The snack size packets are evil. Jus sayin’. Let’s DO THIS! xo

  • Thanks for the motivation! I need to shed some “I just got married and bring on the cake!” pounds.

  • Marina: I hear ya. I couldn’t put down the Wendy’s #2 and the box of Samoas last week, so you are very welcome! xo

  • Heather! I hear ya, and congrats!!! I bet that cake was awesome 🙂

  • Awesome read Steph!
    Good motivational tid bit, I enjoyed it! I’m kind of more geared towards the military mind set of being in shape, so all of my thoughts are how to get stronger and faster to keep up a perfect PT score.
    But I imagine without the strain/push of needing to be in shape for your actual job it could really be tough to stay motivated. This felt motivating 😉

    • Little Clay! Little Clay! I don’t think I’ve seen you since you were 4, and I just shed a little tear of pride. You’re all grown-up! Thanks for reading CL, and even more so for commenting. We should have you guest blog a bootcamp segment 🙂 I hear ya though. I’m not in the military, but in addition to the vain bikini motivation, the vball background makes me race myself on the treadmill for a better 4 mile time every time. Thanks again buddy 😉 Hope married life is treating you well! xo, Steph

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