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{ Currently Loving } : May 2020

These are a few of my faaaaaaavorite things….

Please… someone either take me to La Posta Vecchia Hotel immediately so I can live in this bathroom, or bring this bathroom to me.

Tammy Connor Interior Design out of Charleston does some stunning things… like this living room on Kiawah Island, that I audibly gasped when I saw.  It’s the sconces that tipped the scales.

I started a SATC binge this weekend and I’m telling you, it’s nothing short of – well – basically a simultaneous orgasm of nostalgia and sheer bliss.  It makes the whole world right again.  I was sure I’d already seen every episode at least 4x but it’s been years.  When I was in college, our dude-neighbors had HBO and we would invite ourselves over and park it on their sofa at 9pm every Sunday night to watch.  PS, this article ranks every single episode which is amazing.  Anyhow – all the seasons are on HBO Go but you can also do a Hulu add-on of HBO which is what I did.

How cute is this little fixer upper in Birmingham?  I feel an oddly strong pull back to the South these days, and have for awhile.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and (that’s where my Pops is) and we’re hoping to start a family soon, or if it’s because I lived in Charleston for almost 10 years of my adult life and I have so many amazing friends there who feel like family so it still feels like home… or what. Maybe just a wee condo there to escape to in the Winter would do?

Loving everything from Lucy Laucht.  Literally every last thing.  Karrie turned me on to her work and now I want (all of it).

Sarah Sherman Samuel just did this bathroom and played with a wider grout line as a design element in a way I have never seen anyone else do.  It’s genius.

This breakfast nook is everything.  From Lauren Santo Domingo’s house in the Hamptons.

The thought of this classic Bowood on the walls of a nursery is just about the only thing that could convince me to get knocked up before my #letstrythisagain October wedding and bust the seams of my dress that is the most beautiful garmet I have ever seen in real life.  KIDDING, kidding.  Sort of.

Also, this.  From Cabbages & Roses.  A nugget’s room would be a toss-up between the two.  Just ordered samps from across the pond and can’t wait to see em.

Also comes in blue.  Be still my heart.

New cocktail I’m going to learn to perfect?  The Paloma.

These window treatments bring cornice boxes to a whole new level.

How beautiful is this??  Wish it were fabric that could be printed… it’s the back of an antique kaftan – mid-16th century, probably from Istanbul.

Behold, the perfect outfit.

Double Chaises???  Don’t mind if I do!  Image from Courtney Barton, whose vibe I love.

How lovely are these?  I’ll take two to match my two double chaises.

Welcome to my new (dream) house!  Again… the South.

Need this frame stat.  This is the kind you have forever.

I die over this print.  DIE.  Like, would put it everywhere and on everything.  It’s 1750-1800 ca. French linen and cotton.

This one would also make beautiful drapery panels.  I love pink as a neutral.

On that note, dying to paint something either Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster or Pink Ground.

The sconces in this bathroom are to die.

I just put them in this mood board last week for a new uber traditional client’s bedroom.

How beautiful is my friend Rosa’s backyard??  I would legit never leave.

If your uterus didn’t already explode at those nursery wallpapers earlier, check out this numba, and everything on Elisa Vaughn’s page.

Oh fer pete’s sakes – while we’re talking about kids clothes – how cute is this little bathing suit?  It’s from a wholesaler that I have no reason to buy from and where you have to buy in bulk – so if like, all of y’all want me to order a few for your little chunky monkeys, lemme know.

Same for this ditty.  I love it so much.  20″ square x 4.5″ tall.  Perfect for an ottoman or maybe to corral liquor bottles on the bar.  Holla if you’re interested in one!  Retails for $170.

Pretty good fish taco recipe if you ask me.  Sidenote: you need about 1/3 of the ingredients it actually calls for for that jalapeño slaw.

Go ahead and eat these chocolate chip cookies from Butter & Brioche for dessert.  Good luck converting the ingredients from grams & such.

Love these Miu Miu heels.

Love all the artwork at House of Spoils.

Love this bedroom by Julie Hillman.

I love this dresser perhaps more than I’ve ever loved any piece of furniture I’ve ever seen.  Vintage, from a Wendy Word install.

Sink is bananas.

Disc Interiors out of LA did this kitchen and it makes me so happy to look at.  It’s probably the Calacatta Viola and the green cabinets.

This ring is INSANE…. loves.

If we’re Facebook friends then you’ve probably seen this, but my friend Gina (Buwalda) Johnson started doing these beautiful, editorial freehand pieces recently, and I asked her to do one of me and (my sweet baby GusGus).  I cried for an entire day, I think, when she sent this to me.  She’s now taking commissions – check out more of Gina’s work HERE.

How pretty is this pillow I just had made for the bench in our dining room?

And, this is (currently) our bed.  I brought this pillow I love home from my shop to test out the pattern against my fave ever Carolina Irving Patmos Stripe Euros.  I love it.  It needs to be wider so I’ll have another made, but the pattern and color palette is perfect.  It’s a favorite Rose Cumming print I used for a client’s drapery panels last year.

Welp, it’s 8am and I should probably throw on my running shoes and shuffle around the block.  Hope these ditties give you guys some good inspo too!  Have a great rest of the week!


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