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Currently Loving { 8.4.18 }

Happy Sunday, kiddos! Here comes a Tolstoy-sized brain dump of all my favorite things (99% design related). I’m trying to do a better job of delineating between work time and personal time (cuz I’ve noticed my brain actually stops working if I don’t give it a break)… and strangely, corralling all the things that blow up my shorts is how I decompress and simultaneously source for clients without it feeling like I’m working on the weekends. Go ahead and take a bathroom break now – and grab yourself a cocktail. It’s 2pm on Sunday – no one’s judging.

I would like to invite myself over to whosever’s house this football field-sized, most beautiful rug from Chairish landed in. It was from Orientalist Home, whose owner I met and became chummy with at Round Top this year. We nabbed this rug from him for #casasantabarbarainlasvegas.

All I ever wanted for every birthday and Christmas for the rest of my life is an antique-white-and-brass La Canche. I mean, wouldn’t everything you ever cooked on this just taste better?? I’d also take a La Cornue or an Ilve if you’re listening, Santa.

Might as well add this Zuhair Murad dress while we’re at it.

Um. Sko by Joe out of La Jolla makes some of the most beautiful pottery I’ve ever seen. Discovered him bc my girl Erika of South Harlow just opened a brick & mortar in Bird Rock and has a gaggle of his stuff on display. The 4 below are my faves. Would make such a great and unique (housewarming / wedding / anything) gift.

This entry is heaven. If I’d seen that rug first, ida FORM TACKLED someone for it. Prolly had Gus lift a leg on it too, just for good measure. Stunning. The door color and the rustic ceiling are also perfect with it. By Kate Marker Interiors.

OMG, these sconces. I die. They’re at the NoMad Hotel in LA. (First image via my friend Rhianna from Tidal Interiors.)

Behold, Marna. My new favorite textile. I think she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It’s the rosy hue, sure… but the chocolate grounds it, and the stripe + floral combo is the best part. I’m having her put on lampshades for my office, and also recovering a caned bench for a client with her.


Speaking of a growing little biz… I just moved into my office (and by that I mean, there are PILES and huge stacks of tile and fabric that need to be put on the shelves and organized. It looks like a scene from Labyrinth). And this pic of Jenna Lyons’ office makes me wanna make my desktop pink. It’s currently an old architect’s drafting table from the 50’s with a mint green top. Remind me to do an office post another day.

Great outfit (that’s stylist Lana Wilkinson). And those heels are magical.

They’re the Calvin Klein Kahlo Heels.

This Beata Heuman wallpaper is bananas. Dear Jesus, please let some client let me do this in their house. Amen.

I would like to go to there. Maybe have some porridge with Hansel & Gretel and knit a sweater out of sheep’s wool. via House & Garden UK.

These are so perfect. I’ll take 12.

So obsessed. It’s one of Rowe’s graded-in options and I am stage 5 clinger stalking them to get them to sell me the yardage only.

Also stalking the rep who posted this to figure out what that trim/tape is in the bottom left corner. Lead edge of drapery panels? Yes ma’am.

I can’t even with this Palm Drop wallpaper from Beata Heuman. The blue ground actually looks like the reflection of pool water. Sign a sister up.

Is it ever too early to plan for a Hawaiian vaycay in February? Capri Bellini top (I actually like the Capri Palua top better) // Capri Uno bottom (which is **actually** smaller than a Smurfy postage stamp). Where’s the Granny Panty version? Seriously. My 3-year old fanny couldn’t fit in that thing. Like, these would be more appropriate.

This one is also adorbs, but I can’t find it online anymore. It’s like the bathing suit version of Julia Roberts’ polka dot dress from Pretty Woman.

Another fave currently in my arsenal… Robert Kime’s Tashkent. It’s not new, but everything I love lately seems to be from his line.

I LOVE benches in this style – with the leather strappy situation happening. This one was done by the sweetest sweet pea of a designer friend, Vanessa of Studio Matsalla.

Also love this style via Shop TEOT. Currently doing it for my Charleston Beach House project.

SEH. Thinking I’m gonna take one of these bad boys

And upholster it with the Bolivian blanket I bought at Round Top from this dude (who was so nice, btw). COULD YOU DIE?! I just soiled my own drawers and broke my arm patting myself on the back.

Did I tell you I started making coffee table ottomans upholstered in antique rugs? It all started because poor sweet blind Gus kept running into the corners of the coffee table, and our hearts broke every. single. time. So I scouted a beat-to-h*ll antique oushak and had this guy made.

And then got a hankering to do more and started buying up rugs. This rug was so perfect when it arrived that I decided to keep it… #whoops.

But these two are almost finished – got these pics from my burly wood man who was perfecting the stain to a T on Friday. In love.

Remind me to stay on the hunt for pink opaline glassware. Eddie Ross is to gorgeous granny chic antiques like a damn moth to a flame. That man could find something fabulous in a hill of beans. BTW I can find these NO WHERE ON THE INTERWEBS.

I like to throw antique mirror onto all of the thingsrefrigerator doors, cabinet doors etc. But holy crap.. two claps for Tiffany Grayce Harris for thinking to do it ON THE RANGE HOOD. Who thinks of that???

Could I put this antique French sideboard in my house? That’d be great thanks. Saw this in a Mountain Living post.

Speaking of houses, I’ll take this one.

Gorge marble (look how they continued the veining PERFECTLY through the niche – that cannot be easy, fabricator folks) in Mandy Moore’s new house by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Bosses.  Vintage Marine Pendants from Hudson Goods. Top brass ones are sold; but second copper + brasses still available.

Sconces from my homegirl Amie Corley’s (pronounced “AH-mee”) project are TO DIE. I’d ask the source but it’s **almost** not kosher to ask another designer where his/her stuff is from… some people get their panties all wadded in the name of trade secrets & such, so I try to respect peoples’ work. But sometimes something’s so rad you gotta (very politely) throw up a hail mary and ask em if they’re willing to share the source. I don’t do it often, but in times of desperation, I’ve had some VERY kind people help me out here & there over the years (Julia Buckingham when I was looking for a light fixture that was harder to find than the key to One Eyed Willie, the chick who owns Gathered Group when I couldn’t live without the mystery tramp art console, Lauren Bradshaw when I was jonesing for a sputnik light she’d used). And conversely, I just sent another designer gobs of deets on a tile I’m using that she wanted to know the source of. Also – notice that I mentioned like 9 million other designers in this post, because they’re all so talented and I toot horns when horns need tooting. Hey man.. we all get by with a little help from our friends, and there’s *always* enough biz for everyone. PLUS – (lemme hop on my soapbox for a quick sec) – I remember when I was a vendor rep and selling to the big design retailers in Chicago (e.g. Jayson Home & Garden), and it was amazing to see how they could all be buying from the same pool of vendors, and all use the products in completely different, super creative ways. No two shops ever looked the same. I tend to think it’s the same with designers. We all play in the same couple of sandboxes, but everyone curates things in their own unique way.


Y’all know I love HPF (Hot Power Fusion) at Corepower like a fat kid loves cake. It’s not quite Bikram… Bikram is 90 minutes long and too militant for my taste. Plus you repeat every move like 3 times (yawn). HPF is a heated Vinyasa class – think a flowy (almost meditative) hour of stretching & strengthening in 100 degree heat. It is my favorite, favorite thing… and sadly, there is no such thing as a Corepower in Crested Butte – not for a 4 hour radius – which means my pants are tighter than they were last year, and I’m a little nuttier cuz I don’t have it keeping me sane every morning. EXCEPT NOW (!!^$#%@!), Corepower has unlimited on demand classes for $20/month. Boom.

Next to nothing is prettier than a glossy lavender tile.

LOVING this pattern from Heather Chadduck. It’s so serene, so whimsical and so classic. We’re doing it in teal for Karrie’s nursery.

If you’re not watching my boyfriend’s new series, you’re missing out. I mean.. I would watch him watch paint dry, but the show is actually REALLY good. Chris and I watch it and take turns looking at each other and going: “OMG, I love him.” I can tell you that and not get busted because there’s no way in hockeysticks he reads Covet Living.

“Yellowstone” premieres Wednesday, June 20 on Paramount Network. Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton.


Are you kidding me with this bathroom? Amie Corley is one of my new fave designers to watch. She uses the prettiest saccharin-candy-colors and always perfects the mix of vintage + modern, of whimsy & restraint.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be trying out this Lime Grapefruit Basil Gin recipe tonight.

Where do I get these?  They’re 1 part Carrie Bradshaw and 1 part 80’s which = perfection.

Surely I’ve blogged about this before, but a brass farmhouse sink?? File away as my favorite sink in the history of ever.

In love. From Famosa Tile.

Love me some naked lady wallpaper! I’m sure I’ve posted about this before. Via Nicky Rising.

Also, I’d hang these Elizabeth Stuart Design pendants in a room with that wallpaper. The end.

Get a loaduh this muffin and tell me your uterus didn’t just explode.

Never gets old.

This dining table from McGuire is to die for.

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS YET? I loved it. The first 10 minutes / intro will have you so gooey and nostalgic on the inside you won’t know what to do with yourself.

If you’re in the market for a beautiful vintage ring, Mae Jean vintage has so many goodies.

OMG YES. A giant lightbulb went off in my head when I read this. Because what does it really mean when you’re late?? …it almost means you feel like your time is more important than someone else’s. Implementing this asap (also, going to try to start being on time for everything).

While we’re talking about epiphanies: I had another one a little while ago when I was running around trying to do 9,000 things at once and getting all sorts of p*ssy like I was SEH important (and it was sucking the joy out of what I was doing, and worse yet, *for a second* I resembled someone I once learned a TON from – including the kind of business owner I did not necessarily want to become)… and I realized that it was ALL on me: if things were that nutty, it was because I’d either taken on too much or just needed to be better organized. And that there was never a reason to be such a crazy person. That nipped that.

Cute outfit.

My idea of camping. I’ll take this… or just a simple Airstream. #affluenza

‘Tis the season for roughin it in the outdoors in Colorado, and a few weeks ago when I posted the pic below of us on an excursion, one of my besties texted me and said: “Wait, you’re like, really camping? Is there a hotel nearby if you change your mind?” – bahahhahahaha.

Freshly obsessed with everything from The Bee and the Fox.  Maybe I’m late to the game, but just ordered this tee:

the bee & the fox

And love this one for all you Mamas out there.  I know this shirt has circulated, but I haven’t seen it in this color. Also love the sleeve detail. Oh who am I kidding – I ordered this one too, because I am Gus’ mama.

One of the least ugly things I’ve ever seen.

If you’re one of my designer buddies, you’re about to nod with me in unison when I say I’m kiiiiiiinda snoozing over just about everything I see on the inter-webs… you know, the trends circulating Pinterest that have been done more times than mother-loving Debbie Does Dallas, and that will be tired in 10 minutes (I could write a whole post on this… if I see one more grey wall, grey cabinet or the same white-and-black cement tile pattern, my eyeballs will start bleeding). Some things are super cool and worth repeating; I get that. But why do people hire a designer?? To do something for them that’s a little more special, and something they love but that they couldn’t envision on their own. At least that’s why I would hire one if it were me. I make a point to try and get outta the box for every client’s every nook and cranny, and sometimes that just means using a regular ‘ol something in a fresh way… like the time Pierce & Ward (my girl crushes and my favorite designers) used what looks like a 2″ hex and a penny mosaic on a fireplace, and my brain exploded.

PS this is Louisa, one half of P&W. Tell me you aren’t jonesing after her outfit, her rose gold velvet sofa, and wanting to be besties with her cuz she’s the coolest girl in school. PPS they’re currently renovating Kate Hudson’s house.

Also love the way this designer used a marble hex up the bathroom wall in this Malibu Farmhouse. It’s a little unexpected – especially with the juxtaposition of the uber mod little pop sconce – but still feels timeless. (ps source unknown – if you know the designer please lmk so I can give them props.)  PS: I usually get hex tile from The Builder Depot.  Sconce similar to shown at Urban Electric and a less $ version on Etsy.

The prettiest over the shoulder boulder holder + britches combo I ever saw. Not that my pilled nude one isn’t cutting the mustard.

Love the lines on this little breakfast table from CFC. Almost ordered it for my new office (but decided to recycle and refinish one I had).

LITERALLY dying over this sapphire cement tile from Amethyst Artisan (whom I just started ordering from and love). It’s out of stock an takes something like 6 months to make, but I have it on tap for a build I’m doing here in Crested Butte.

Also, this from Jatana for that same project.

And this from Ann Sacks. I get all sorts of tickled when I see gorgeous tile (or anything) that I haven’t seen 9 zillion times. Do I need to do a separate post on tile? Yeah probably.

OMG, my life has been saved – Matteo makes a duvet out of the same thermal material as my baby blanket – affectionately named “pinkie binkie” and currently resembling a disintegrating dishrag. I cannot sleep without it. #thisis37

This kitchen by McAlpine House. The cabinet color has been all the rage the last few years, but for good reason: it’s a healthy amount of pigment without being nutty or tricky to commit to, and it looks amazing with all other finishes and metals. What I love most about this space is that everything you see is a *little* more unique than usual: they did open shelves, but instead of floating, they look like they’re hanging from the ceiling (and with the brass rods – I die). The hood looks like it’s tiled, which is a fun trick in and of itself, but it’s also finished with a slim piece of what looks like either brass or a light oak. Don’t even get me started on the Italian range. And, doing waterfall countertops isn’t really in my repertoire, but they made this one look real good. Add a rug for warmth, a good metal mix and probably the cutest family ever and you’ve got a winner. Everything is perfection.


OMG are you exhausted?? Did your brain just explode? Cuz mine did. HAVE A GREAT REST OF YOUR WEEKEND!!! If there are any credits missing, I’ll add them later. CD is burning a hole in the back of my head with his eyeballs cuz we were supposed to go on a hike 2 hours ago. #whoooooops


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