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Steph & Karrie’s SUMMER ESSENTIALS via Yellow Brick Blog

Lyndsy over at Yellow Brick Blog was sweet enough to include us Covet Living gals and our must-haves in her SUMMER ESSENTIALS series!  (Holler.)  Here’s a preview…

And ahem – if you haven’t been following Lyndsy’s delightfully refreshing blog thus far, now’s your chance. It’s always inspiring and ALWAYS full of super cool stuff – including a “Song of the Week” each week, which we think is genius.  Girlfriend’ll help you shake up your iPod mix with long forgotten and much-loved ditties like this week’s “Do Anything” by Natural Selection, which made Karrie & I soil our bi-coastal britches.  It’s currently blaring on repeat in my apartment, and btw, my dance moves are a painful combo of zero rhythm and unbridled elation over this throw-back to the 7th grade…  in a sweet outfit known as boxer briefs and my retainer.

Click here for our Summer Must-Haves chez Lyndsy!


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