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Scenes From A Weekend

Morning, campers.  How was your weekend?  Mine ended up being completely delightful in every way.  First of all, the third partner-in-crime to me and Stephanie, our BFF Melissa, was in LA for the weekend.  Her presence is always like a sprinkling of fairy dust in my life.   And it just so happens her company was co-hosting a freaking fabulous Downton Abbey-themed party in Santa Monica Friday night, replete with pre-prohibition cocktails and more gorgeous flapper outfits than you can shake a stick at.  See below:

Me and the hubs got all spiffed up.  My dress courtesy of Rent The Runway, obvs.

My sweet best friend (other than Stephanie), Melissa

Roaring Twenties decor, sigh.

Then, I got to have two consecutive slumber party nights with Melissa at her hotel, Shutters On The Beach, aka the most perfect, idyllic, adorably decorated, coziest hotel ever.  Situated right on the beach in Santa Monica, the place is a dream, a dream!:

View from the impossible-to-get-out-of bed.

(*Squeal*) John Robshaw bedding!  My favorite fabric designer, hands down.

Even their picture frames are perfect.

And then, Sunday:


Hope you all had an equally fun, relaxing weekend.


2 Responses to “Scenes From A Weekend”

  • YOUR DRESS!!!! Absolute perfection!! I was about to start bugging you to show me pics. Sounds like you had a pitch perfect weekend- well deserved, my friend.

  • HOLY SH*TBALLS, Karrie & May, you look GORGE! I would’ve so loved to have thrown on some flapper gear and pounded spiked tea & crumpets with y’all. See you next weekend in the Hamptons, hookers!

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