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One-Stop Christmas Shop: Uncommon Goods

If you’ve read any of our gift guides, chances are you know about a little Brooklyn-based gem called Uncommon Goods.  I stumbled upon them a few years back when I realized (YAHTZEE!), they make rocks glasses with city maps etched on them (totally boss).  And if you order early enough (e.g. not when I tried to 2 weeks before Christmas), you might be able to get them customized with the city of your choice (OMG, Karrie, can you imagine??  Looking at the intersection of Tillotson and McGalliard every day when I drink my green juice).

Anyhow… EVERY YEAR, I take a lot of pride in being a good gift-giver, so I’m always looking for something that’s unique, that’s not on (snore) every other gift guide you read, and one that I would be stoked to give to a loved one, because I know it’s not anything they have ever seen or would ever think to buy for themselves, but will love. So this joint is totally my go-to, and it’s too good not to share.  Here are a few more of our faves:

FOR THE FOODIE (basil-infused zoodles, anyone?):


FOR THE PENNY PINCHER (not that the back of a plastic comb isn’t totally sufficient):

FOR THE ENTERTAINER (in case they need a good classic cocktail recipe on the fly):

FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND’S NEW BABY (this makes me wanna nomnomnom on baby feets!):

FOR YOUR BESTIE (and you may wanna snag one for yourself, too):

FOR YOUR OTHER HALF (because everyone else on the block has the same one from the big box store in their dining room):

There are gobs more goodies to be found, so hop on over!


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