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Dear Santa, I’m Way Too Old to Make Christmas Lists. Love, Stephie

These start the same way every year. With Karrie and I being all: “I mean, we really don’t need anything…” and what starts as scrounging for things we think we might like if we HAAAAAD to put a list together turns into full-blown tween “I NEEEED IT!” insanity. (Truthfully, we need nothing.  Really.)  But go ahead and shop our faves, why dontcha?!

Oh wait timeout – this one isn’t in the doodle above, but I may go ahead and snag the Pup Rug Runner with Memory Foam Bed in White Curve, $199 for Gus. He’s 13 and his sweet little bones just aren’t what they once were, so his arthritis makes him a little hobbly. I may throw this on our living room floor – or at my office – so he has a soft place to chill.

1 – Birdies Starling Cheetah Flat, Size 10, $140. These are about to hit a record for making my holiday wishlist every year since the beginning of time.

2 – Def Leppard Hysteria Weekend Tour Tee, Size M, $69.  This is #2 on this list but prob the #1 thing I want.  I still know the 4-digit jukebox codes at Pizza King on Tillotson to everything on this album.  For instance, 3304 is Love Bites, and 3305 is Pour Some Sugar On Me, 3310 is Hysteria and so on and so forth.  Just sayin’.

3 – Hand & Fire “Lady Pin,” $30.  Not that my current plan of using colored pencils as hair-holder-uppers isn’t cuttin the mustard.

4 – Apple Airpods with Charging Case, $139. I’ve heard people say this is the best $139 they’ve ever spent. I mean, I could get on board – my earphone cords swing like double dutch ropes when I’m running on the treadmill. It’s like an extra workout just to keep them out of my face.

5 – Aviator Nation Women’s Signature Logo Sweatpants, $129. It’s a close overtime thriller between those and the Classic Velvet Women’s Sweatpants in Teal, Large, $170. If you’ve ever tried on Aviator Nation (anything), then you know it’s like PHYSICALLY WEARING MELTED BUTTER. I have 1 pair of their sweatpants and 1 of their sweatshirts, and they’re always the first things I reach for.

6 – Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand, $38. I saw this on one of Somewhere Lately’s gift guides and you have to look about as far as the before & after on that link to get why it’s a must-have.

7 – Slipsilk Pure Silk Sleepmask, $50. People swear by sleeping with silk on your face for anti-aging – and also for your hair. I’m really starting to show my age around my eyes – which is fine, because I guess it means I’ve walked around with a permagrin for 38 years – but if I can try to be a bit gentler on them, then I will. It goes something like: “Silk fibers are significantly less absorbent than many other fibers, so they help keep your skin’s moisture and expensive face and hair products where they belong—on your face and hair, not your pillow. Ordinary pillowcases and masks can cause hair to pull and tangle throughout the night, leading to bed head in the morning and potentially damaging hair. Slipsilk can help reduce friction, too, which also aids in reducing stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin.” Bonus: I sleep way better without a street light blaring in through the bedroom window.

OR, maybe the sleep mask + the pillowcase combo?

8 – Tula Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm, $30. Again, the thing with the eyes. This has nearly 5-stars after almost 1400 reviews: “Made with the same probiotics + superfoods you love in our original Eye Balm (think: caffeine, aloe, blueberry & hyaluronic acid), plus the addition of rosehip oil (a plant-based retinol alternative) & hydrating rosewater so you feel instantly energized, awake & ready to glow.”

9 – Annie Costello Pom Pom Oxidized Earrings, $225 – 50% OFF THIS WEEK and now $112.50. Also a repeat offender (from this list) but still so bomb.  Even more bomb in the more unique aqua color which looks like (you know it) – the color that copper turns when it oxidizes.

10 – Ted Baker Midi Wool Wrap Coat, $749. I don’t expect Santa – let alone anyone I know – to buy this bad boy for me, BUT HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THIS COLOR ON A WOOL TRENCH?? It almost makes Winter bearable.

11 – Golden Goose Superstar Glitter Low-Top Sneakers, $$$$$$ – I literally have nothing to say for myself. These shoes are annoyingly trendy and the price tag is so ridiculous I can’t even talk about it. BUT… they’re REAL cute. A designer friend of mine had a pair on at market one day with a long, flowy, Veronica-Beard-esque, cool 70’s dress and a cropped leather jacket, and I think that’s what lured me over to the dark side. They’re a neutral. I ordered a knock-off version from some weird hack-y thing that popped up on Insta the other day, then sent me an order confirmation in hieroglyphic characters, and I’ll let you guys know how those turn out and if I get foot-lice. In the meantime, if there’s a BOGO or BOGFHO (buy one get four half off) sale anytime soon, I’m totally game.

12 – Kauai Coffee Estate Roast, $19. After we left Hawaii, I felt the same way about coming back to our Peet’s coffee (which I love) as I always feel coming home from Europe: like boxed pasta is the devil and like our wine tastes like water. We brought a bag of this home and it was DIVINE. I wish we had brought a year’s supply back.

13 – Vici Velvet Blazer in Wine, $88. AND currently sold out. I’ve been wanting a velvet blazer ever since I saw J.Law wearing a (this) one a few years ago. I got one from J.Crew last year but it’s so stiff I almost can’t move my arms.

14 – Peter Dunham Textiles Fig Leaf on Hemp 20″ Square Pillow Shams, $110 each. I’ve used this pattern umpteen times (including on the boob tube/Bravo last year to recover some bomb midcentury chairs) but it is ever-the-classic and I’m finally thinking I might put a pair chez nous.

15 – Pottery Lessons – $50 per hour through the Crested Butte Center of the Arts.  Because between these Natan Moss lamps (below), Joe Skoby’s ceramics and Michelle Luu’s mugs, I’m dying to learn how to make my own stuff. I am *just* delirious enough to have such a can-do attitude that I think I want to take pottery lessons, just so I can someday take a stab at making some mugs, lamps and pottery like theirs myself.

Also, I bet if any of them are reading this, they’re all, “aw, honey that’s cute.”

That’s all I got!  Happy Thanksgiving you guys!


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