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Friday Faves

Today, Karrie & I are tag-teaming the Favorite Things list.  This one in particular totally encapsulates her taste v. mine.  While we overlap on things like a deep love for Kate Hudson, easy breezy Bohemian beach decor, and Stouffer’s macaroni & cheese, we differ on others.  Karrie’s style is a little edgier…  she’s always in the know about everything cool before I am.  Whereas I love all things pretty and ladylike, like pink doilies.  Though it should be noted that neither of us is the *LEAST* bit ladylike.  Just ask my Grandpa, who taught me the “pull my finger” trick.  Or, remind me to show you the text Karrie sent me last night – or better yet, the high school graduation card she gave me, decorated with…  well…  you don’t even want to know. Anyhow – here are our picks this week – hope they give you some good ideas!

great gatsby soundtrack: Listening to it now, but so far, it’s dope. // anthropologie threadbloom blouse: Well isn’t this sweet?  If Pollyanna was a 21 year old hipster living in Venice, she’d wear this fa ‘SHO. // pitch perfect, the movie: So worth all the hype several months ago!  My mom, cousin and I rented this last week and heave-laughed the whole time.  So, so, so funny. // jeffrey campbell leather rumble boot: I saw these on a blogger yesterday (exhibit A) and immediately hunted all over the ‘net for them.  FOUND ‘EM.  Great for a sweet little dress, jeans, you name it! // druzy studs from c wonder: I’m seeing druzy jewelry all over the place and I like it because it’s an unexpected (and inexpensive) natural touch of glam.

bone ironies mirror: I love, I love, I love.  I own one sunburst mirror, and it’s always the thing I would hang in every room if I could. this one is to die for. || vintage marbled lamp: grant k. gibson has amazing, amazing taste.  I recommend following him on pinterest.  this is the kind of unique piece I would give my left nut to run across. || white-on-white, well, everything for summer. I’ll give you a million dollars if you see me wearing anything else before october. || lulu frost ring: on my wish list BIG time.  how great would this be stacked with some other pretty baubles? || anthropologie tufted ditte sofa: and what a perfectly verdant little ditty it is!  I am also dying to paint a ceiling that color…  more on that later.

hope you guys have a great weekend!!


steph & karrie

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