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6 Good Things for your weekend!

6 Things for Your Weekend | Covet Living

1 – This adorable “Flash ‘Em It’s Friday” tee & short set from ASOS.  AKA your new PJ’s.

Flash Em It's Friday, from Asos | Covet Living

2 – Snag yourself some fresh flowers on the way home from work tonight.  They’re good for your soul.  When I was standing over a sea of tulips last weekend and thinking better of spending $10 on flowers, I just resolved I’d cut out a latte or two, and remember to bring my mat to yoga this week so I don’t have to rent one.  See – that’s a good trade, right?  Problem solved.

Tulips | Covet Living

3 – Whether you’re staying in in a Snuggie and doing a House of Cards binge, have to bring an app to a pot luck or are just stocking the fridge, do yourself a favor and pick up some of this cheese – try Whole Foods or any schmancy market or specialty food/wine shop. It has GOT to be laced with crack because it is DUL-LICIOUS (thanks, Kristine, for bringing it to Bach Fest every week!)  Pair it with a glass or two of Meomi Pinor Noir and you’re good to go.

Best Cheese Ever | Covet Living

4 – If you find yourself in the mani/pedi salon this weekend, go for something different – like a Kerry Washington’s nude mani with red tips.  Or this metallic one. Cuz we gotta do somethin’ to shake up Schmanuary.

Fun Manis | Covet Living

5 – Print something that lifts your spirits online at and slap that sucker in a frame so you can see it every day.  Or slap it on the way out the door to work in the mornings.  Because how often do you Pin something that resonates with you, then forget it?  I just printed “The grass is greener where you water it” and popped it in a frame on my nightstand:

Steph's Nightstand | Covet Living

6 – Get a good cackle out of this spirited dude rocking out to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”  He’s a buddy of my good buddy Wingert… apparently this poor guy’s wife found this video on his computer and thought it was so hilarious that she uploaded it to You Tube.  (We love her.)  My favorite part is the absolute meltdown of amazing dance moves that come at the chorus.

Happy Friday!!

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