House Beautiful




(But if my body looked like that, I would’ve gone naked too.) 


Did you hear what Joan Rivers said about Halle Berry’s dress? 

If you were in the front row, you could see Catwoman’s kitty.”  I die. 



(Not necessarily the dress, just her.) 


Hands-Down Sweetest Acceptance Speech. 

(How cute is she?)  



“When I have the time and I’m not eating or don’t want to be bothered,  

I’ll give [Glee fans] a moment of my time.” 




(His performance in The Fighter?  RIDONC. 

Marky Mark’s abs in The Fighter?  Even more ridonc.) 


Love her. 

(And she shoulda won for The Fighter.  If for no other reason than 

to keep Melissa Leo away from the podium.) 


Pretty Girl.

(Lots of taffeta.) 




(I’m just not on board.)


Love it. 

(Who is she again?) 


Oh, honey no. 

(Why, why WHY?) 



(Except she was so good in The King’s Speech, she can do what she wants.) 


Yes, Please. 

(Navy becomes you.  Go Team Edward.) 


YES Please. 

(Scruff becomes you, Jake.) 


Goooooooooooooooooooood GOD. 

(May I please become the mother of your children?) 


2 Responses to “Flawless.”

  • isn’t joan rivers show seriously hysterical? she’s so ridiculous and insulting, it’s amaze.

    ummm that girl in the sleek, simple peach dress looked sooooo fresh and pretty! I still haven’t seen that movie but I liked her dress so much, i may go out and watch.

  • YES. Joan is the most hilarious broad who ever lived. I remember watching the Oscars in college and HOWLING for an hour after I heard her say to Sela Ward in a heinous red dress with a bow: “I understand you’re representing K-Mart.”


    There were a few other choice lines from the show the other night but I didn’t know if they were PG-Covet.

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