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Designer Sneak Peek: Nathan Turner

Ohhhh, goodness.  We’ve really done it this time.  We Covet Living heifers have managed to score our own personal Q&A session with one of our all-time favorite interior designers, the ingenious Nathan Turner.  Not only is he one of the foremost LA-based decorating and entertaining gurus, a renowned antiques expert, and the owner of a beautiful decor/textiles store perched in a quaint and adorable neighborhood in West Hollywood, he’s also one of the coolest, nicest people you’ll ever meet.

But before we get ahead of ourselves… just take a peek at one little corner of his amazing shop (below).  Heavens to Betsy, have you seen anything so cool?  And yes, that is an orange, leather chair.  Bad-ace. Further pics and our Q&A to follow next week:


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