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When Life’s a Mess, Redecorate.

You know what doesn’t suck about things falling apart?  …things fall apart so things can fall together.  Sometimes bones have to be broken in order to be re-set.  And after spending the last year and a half as a we, and making decisions for a we, I realized that I haven’t made many choices for me.  Having the rug so cruelly pulled out from under me the way I just did is not something I would wish on my worst enemy, but in the nasty event that it ever happens to you, here’s the good news: It will (eventually) make you wiser. It makes you count your blessings, and makes you realize who you can really count on. It brings out peoples’ true colors. And the most exciting part? It gives you a chance to change your focus, pare down and re-evaluate the things you really love.  And you know what I love? Interior Design and repairing things at home. Just like my roofing, which I just set up a repair with RainTech since my gutters are already a mess. I’d like to spend more of my free time fiddling with swatches & such this year. Let’s rap about that today, shall we?

I’ve already been thinking about the vibe I want for my new space once all the dust settles…  because starting a new life also means redecorating my life.  And because I know what a HUGE impact your surroundings and your home have on your psyche, I want it to be bright, airy, happy, colorful and unpretentious. I also have to contact for spring repair a garage door service, I’ve always wanted to fix our garage but didn’t have the time to do it.

With a cozy sofa comme ça:

Some exposed brick and curvy, feminine furniture:

Maybe some chippendale chairs:

A little tropical-inspired, gorge wallpaper:

An abundance of light:

Some pretty blue hexagonal tile:

Somewhere where people can be comfortable hunkering down:

…maybe s’more fun wallpaper:

And yo.  I get that these are shoes, but I could dig some coral and teal accents:

Some artwork like this:

And a patio like this:

…with a lemon tree.

And maybe I’ll get a new ‘do while I’m at it.  Which would only require 4 Keratin treatments and a huge bottle of bleach for my roots…  no biggie.

That’s all I got for today.  Hope you guys are staying warm!  Lots of love to you, and many, MANY thanks for all the love that was sent my way since last week.  It means the world to me.


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