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Swoon, Howl, Steal, Drool, Mix, Sigh.


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I swear, everything I’ve pinned lately has been 7 shades of emerald.  Maybe because it’s summertime (?)  Or maybe just cuz it’s a perfectly verdant pop of awesome to just about anything…  whether it’s a plain white outfit, a neutral wall, or a crisp white linen sofa.

2. HOWL.

BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAA.  This might be the funniest and most on-point thing I’ve seen in awhile.  I have said this about 857 times to my younger cousins over the years whenever they grumble about not having anything to do when no one is on Facebook or the Wii is broken.  Well…  sans the “fat little a$$” part.  Does that make me 857 years old?


…this.  Now.  It’s $59 at Express, way cooler in person, and the sequins are embellished on a little cotton skirt with a bit of stretch.  Meaning it’s uber comfortable.  Runs about 1 size larger than your regular size, FYI.  I’m 5’8″ / 145, and I ordered a M, which fits perfectly.


I love, I love, I love this coffee table featured on OKL today.  I want to put it in the beach house I don’t have, on gorgeous rug with lots of raspberry and lilac hues.  On the lanai.  And sit around it and drink a glass of sweet tea (vodka) with Blanche and Rose.

5. MIX.

…up your wardrobe.  This stripes & florals combo works:  a) because there’s navy and white in both to unify the palettes, but b) mostly because she’s wearing that outfit, not the other way around, and kicking it with confidence.  It’s summer.  Have some fun and mix it up.  Who cares?!

6.  SIGH.

This boy reminds me of #22 on this list.  He also bypassed my dad’s outreached goin-for-a-goodbye-handshake yesterday after their 1st introduction at brunch and went straight for the bear hug.  To the tune of, “bring it in, big guy.”  And then I died.


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