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Timeout Santy Claus.  Listen.  I don’t like to re-post other peoples’ stuff, but y’all need to see this.  Can we discuss how I just ran across this dining room by Meg Adams (over at my girl Erin’s blog – House of Turquoise) and my jaw hit the floor??

Uhhhhh.  I’m DYING over here.  If I ever move back to my big ‘ol house in the south, this is EXACTLY how I would want to re-do my dining room.  I actually have floor-to-ceiling wood paneling JUST like that, and love that Adams washed it in a creamy white.  Obviously, that Marjorie Skouras turquoise chandy (we talked about it here, ‘member?) is taking center stage…

…but personally, that DINING TABLE is hands down my favorite part of the room.  Here’s another looksie to save you from scrolling up:

Look at the rugged, organic construction of the base.  It’s got, like, big ‘ol nuts & bolts in it and stuff.  Like my lumberjack boyfriend chopped down a tree, threw it over his shoulder, hauled it to the backyard and just whipped us up a table.  And then that pristine, smooth, ladylike carrera marble top????  I love the juxtaposition of those two elements so much it hurts.  Kinda like how people love salty + sweet.   Moving along, those glorious, brassy-gold lamps are amazing.  I even love that the shades are pleated – it makes it feel cozier and more, I dunno – south-uhn – or something.  The ottomans for seating on one side and the wall paneling keep it casual and down-to-earth, which I love.  And the washed-out colors of the rug??  I feel like it’s a sparkly little gem that just washed up on a southern beach.  Oooh wait, there’s more:

Yet another delicious view of the room.  I’ve seen that Obsorne & Little pattern in wallpaper in a different colorway, but that fabric is knocking my socks off.  (See it here.)  I also can’t get over the patina of the stripped-down window seat.  It’s like the lovely piece of driftwood that washed up alongside my southern gem.

Adams’ room was designed for the 40th annual Decorators’ Show House & Gardens, and was also featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle.  Remind me to buy a ticket to that next year.


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