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I Dream of… Pink!

Every year about this time, I start daydreaming about Springtime, and tropical vacations, et tout en rose:  in sherbert-y, punchy shades of the pink rainbow.  Since it’s 20 below outside, wanna hit play above and play the daydream game for a sec with me?

I would totally toss this on right now.  With a thin wife beater.

Or this…  maybe with a padded bra. Or, ye know. – just some boobies.

Tell me you wouldn’t DIE to make throw pillows out of this gorgeous fabric I just saw on Cloth & Kind?

I’ll go ahead and take this skirt, too.

I would like to post up in this next to a pool in Palm Springs.  With a pink umbrella drink.  Please & thank you.

Please get on my coffee table, now.

Totes M’Gotes painting something in my next house this color.

I need to make one of these the size of China, and cut a piece for everyone who’s helped me out this month.  xoxo

Please Lord, let me wallpaper something with this…  even if it’s the inside of my underwear drawer.

But if I must stay warm, I’d at least like to wear something that looks like a party.

Who else is ready for Spring (!!?!)


2 Responses to “I Dream of… Pink!”

  • That dress (with a padded bra) needs to be hanging in my wardrobe. PRONTO!

    Steph, feel free to jump onboard a plane, fly downunder and hang with me for a week. It’s still summer! The sun is shining, the drinks are cold and our gorgeous golden beaches await you!

    • Don’t tempt me lady!!! I just might do it! I’m *quite* sure we would have a baller time, probably get in some trouble, and that I would come home refreshed with a new lease on life. And a huge hangover 🙂 xoxoxoxo

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