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Go Get ‘Em, Tigers!

I ran across this photo last night during the wee hours, after I had finished some work and was doing what I do best when I’m tired, which is mindless Facebook wandering, and occasionally cyberstalking.  Hey, whatever.  Once in awhile, everybody needs to know what’s going on in the life of the girl who sat next to you in the 2nd grade, wore a pink corduroy vest and stuck her tongue out at you every day.  Wassup, Desiree Williams! 

(photo via mon ami, Mathilde)

Anyhoo, this snapshot was a friend’s post-Chinese-takeout iPhone upload with the caption, “I’m framing this one.”  And I thought to myself, you go on with your bad self, girlfriend.  It struck me as extraordinarily poignant since said friend is currently FLOURISHING in the face of what has been a legitimate train wreck in the middle of a tsunami in her personal life…  the mind-numbingly painful kind that would’ve sent most people straight to the couch with some Ho-Ho’s, fried chicken, and Bridget Jones’ Diary on repeat for a year.  But this girl picked herself up, dusted herself off, made an ocean of sweet lemonade out of some crusty, RANK lemons, and is embracing everything around her with childlike enthusiasm.  I’m currently in awe of her.

Another friend of mine found out last night that he got into one of the top MBA programs in the country; one that has a 15% acceptance rate…  YIKES.  It was a longshot, and a year-long, grueling application process, but one of those things he said he just had to gun for, even if he came up short.  And, whatta ya know!  In a few weeks, he’ll be shopping for a new Trapper Keeper and some #2 pencils.  Giddyup, Big Red!

The fortune cookie quote reminds me of something my pseudo-big-sister and co-blogger, Karrie, used to say to me when I was in college:  “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”  …and something one of my college volleyball coaches yelled to me one day during a vomit-inducing set of I’m-going-to-keel-over-any-minute-now marathon sprints:  “Your body is capable of so much more than you think it is.”  It’s all part of the same ball of wax, and it all boils down to the same thing:  If there’s something you want, GO FOR IT.  You only live once, and you really ARE capable of so much more than you probably realize.  Put yourself out there, and give it your best shot.  You’ll NEVER know unless you try, and almost every time, you’ll be surprised to find out what you’re made of. 




So the above title’s the result of watching an Oprah marathon today in my sweatpants thankyouverymuch.  I internally squeal with delight each and every time Ms. Winfrey introduces a new celebrity guest in a low, guttural-yet-powerful yell.  “Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina FEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Ok.  I digress.

Over the years, I’ve often doled out advice to my close friends – ranging from boyfriends to, well, life stuff.  Hence the nickname bestowed upon me.  My White Oprah post will be a now-public forum for me to expel my pearls of wisdom.  And I must stress that these pearls are only worn by me; if anyone reading this (Mom, Steph’s mom), disagree or want to comment on my advice, I’d love to hear any thoughts.  So here goes:

A common question amongst my friends nowadays:

Q: I want to know, and I would imagine single people my age want to know, why it’s okay to still be single at our age, and why we should embrace it.

A: Ok here’s the deal.  I know what it’s like to be in your late 20s, to have an awesome life: amazing friends, a cute apartment, lazy Saturdays when you’re not sure whether to get a mani/pedi or a massage, the time to come and go as you please – BUT with a tiny voice in the back of your head asking when and if The One will ever walk into your life.  It’s totally natural – you’ve got societal pressures left and right telling you it’s time to start having a family soon or else your eggs will be turning into tumbleweeds.  All I can say is, he will come along.  You won’t know when, you won’t know how, but he will.  So stop the worrying.  Ok, easier said than done, but I have to say, I am really really glad my mom gave me the advice she did.  Luckily for me, my mom instilled in me that I needed to use my 20s as the time in my life to be completely selfish… to focus on my career, to have fun, to enjoy life for me and only me.  So that’s exactly what I did.  And I LOVED my 20s for that.

And luckily, fate delivered me a wonderful man who I consider to be the love of my life.  I can’t imagine hurrying to settle down and never finding the person I was destined to be with.

So, take this time to truly enjoy freedom.  You will love the next phase in life settling down, but you’ll never have your selfish, swingin 20s back.