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Scenes from Our Weekend

Happy Monday! Only two weeks-ish til Christmas. Only two weeks-ish til Christmas. Only two weeks-ish til Christmas. This weekend we were blessed to have an old friend visiting from the mighty Midwest (hooray!) and generally had a really chill, relaxing, we don’t have to work on our Gift Guides anymore cause they’re finished kind of weekend. Some pics from ours – hope yours was rad too!:

Steph and Benny B Steph and her Stryker buddy Ben kicking it at Eddie V’s in La Jolla for Happy Hour (because sadly, George’s is closed for construction and rumored to be closed forever… best sunset backups on Prospect are Duke’s, Eddie V’s and the outdoor patio at Le Colonial)

Cotton candy sunset | Covet Living

Just another cotton candy SoCal sunrise.

Big Bad Book of Bill Murray | Covet Living

Trip to the library (sup Santa Monica Public Library!) to check out the funniest book, ever.

Breakfast sandwich heaven | Covet Living

If you’ve ever been a houseguest of Steph’s, you know she makes the most perfect egg sandwich, EVER.  Recipe in this post.


Friday beach day at Coronado

San Diego park | Covet Living

Sunrise from the Kate O. Sessions park in Pacific Beach

Photo booth fun

Karrie and her co-workers keeping it 100% professional at a party this weekend.

Stephy | Covet Living

Steph getting her bearings on a sidewalk somewhere in La Jolla. #classy

Miller's Fieldhouse

Big Ten Championship fairweather-fanning and pre-gaming with a giant Blue Moon in a Ball Jar at Miller’s Field.

Benny B and Steph | Covet Living
Steph and Ben hugging it out at commercial break.

Jokers | Covet Living

Saturday’s Spartans vs. Hawkeyes clan.  You know what comes after Happy Hour?  Crappy Hour.

Beach | Covet Living

Steph Ben & Gus on a 7-mile jaunt Sunday on the boardwalk in PB/Mission Beach

Stephy and her main squeeze
Golden Retrievers are a girl’s best friend.


Sunday sunset from the deck at Duke’s.


karrie and steph signature

Scenes From Our Weekend

Happy Short Week people!!! We’re so excited to veg in SoCal for a Friendsgiving Feast on the beach in a few days (for Steph) or hop on a plane tomorrow to Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiii (said in Oprah’s voice). This weekend was a perfectly relaxing couple a days for the two of us. Time to stay home and marinate a bit – and take advantage of suuuuper warm weather:

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

{Saturday Funday hike at Cowles Mountain}

Dolce Vita Salon | Covet Living

{Karrie and her cute-as-a-button hair gal, Lorena, for some coloring and trimmin’}

Miguel's | Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

{Fish taco feast at Miguel’s Coronado after a day at the dog beach… Steph’s standard Sunday routine}

Scenes From a Weekend | Covet Living

{2015 Presidential hopeful GusGus for President charming voters at the dog beach}

Target find | Covet Living

{Karrie finally breaking down and buying the flannel shirt of all flannel shirts at The Mothership}

Stephy | Covet Living

{Pre-girls dinner selfie at Coaster. Most amazing dress ever via Revolve clothing.}

Grain Free Pancakes | Covet Living

{Lazy Sunday morning breakfast of champions, in the form of the most delicious grain free pancakes, aka McPancakes, via Meg McGrane}

Whatever your plans for Thanksgiving, we hope it’s a day full of love, happiness and lots and lots and lots and lots of grub.


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