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Inspiration Board: The Chic Bambino

So listen…  I’m not knocked up.  But all of my friends TOTALLY are!  In all seriousness, I get a lot of texts, emails and calls every week with things like: “How do I decorate my mantle?  It’s hideous and I don’t know where to start.” -and- “We’re moving in together – how do we merge our belongings and make our space look cohesive?” …and evidently, all my girlfriends rocked out to baby makin’ music this summer because now they’re shouting in unison: “OMG – we’re pregnant!  I need help with the nursery!”  And even though I don’t have as much time as I’d like to help everyone, I am beyond delighted and kind of honored every time someone asks, because there is nothing I love more than helping people make their houses into homes… hence the reason I packed up my life and threw Gus in my hooptie earlier this year and drove cross-country to start my pipe dream job.  So – starting today, and as often as I can – I’ll pick one dilemma or project that lands in my inbox, and do up an inspiration board in its honor.

First up is a soon-to-be-mum and dear friend of mine who’s still staying mum about her news.  So kiddo – you know who you are (!) – this one’s for you!  Love you longtime.

1 – Schumacher Suwon Sisal in Champagne Grasscloth Wallcovering – once you see how warm and cozy grasscloth makes a room feel, you’ll have a hard time ever going back to paint.  Rooms covered in grasscloth make you feel like you’re enveloped in a rich, luxurious cocoon.  Not unlike a womb (!) which should make the new kid on the block feel right at home.

2 – Matchstick Pleated Custom Drapery Panels – I love, love LOVE the matchstick pleats.  I’ve seen so much Greek Key tape and so many pom-poms that I’m cross-eyed.  This detail is fresh and sweet and so charming.

3 – Laura Kirar for Arteriors Dove Chandelier – what little nugget or nugeeta wouldn’t want to look up and see glass birdies perched on a shiny gold vine?  I know I would.  Big bonus if they could tweet in the morning.

4- Coleen & Company for Harbinger Scalloped Sconce in VerdigrisColeen Rider can do no wrong in my book when it comes to whimsical light fixtures, and this verdigris finish – which looks like what happens to copper once it patinas and turns green – might be the best thing I’ve ever seen.

5 – Serena & Lily Presidio Glider in Antique Linen – I learned when I was doing Vani’s Nursery that gliders are the new rockers.  Bonus points if you can find an ottoman that glides with it.  And while I know slipcovers are incredibly practical, I generally stay away from them because I think they look messy, but these manage to look relaxed but still sharp and tailored.  Love.

6 – Rugs USA Vendimia Overdyed Rug – I think my Dad turned his nose up when he saw this rug and said, “It looks like you threw a da*n bottle uh bleach on it!”  Which might be perfect, cuz guess what.  I guarantee a few dirty diapers and about 7 gallons of spit-up are comin’ at that thing in the next few years, so someday you might need to toss a bottle of Clorox on it.  And who would be the wiser?

7 – Serena & Lily Hudson Crib – I love the clean and simple shape of this crib.  It also comes in white and grey, but I snagged a two-tone finish because I wanted the stained wood to ground the rest of the light neutrals in the room it a bit without the whole thing being too heavy.

8 – {FABRICS} These two patterns have been on my hit list for a long time:

I might use the charcoal Galbraith & Paul “Fern” as the bumper fabric…

…and the Gaston Y Daniela Inigo Rosa / Gris floating cartoon aliens on a throw pillow for the glider.

8 – {RUG} Serena & Lily Macramé Wool Rug – we *probably* don’t need two rugs for the space (though Estee Stanley pulled it off beautifully in this room via Lonny), but this rug represents the most perfect, nubby texture that I would love to see somewhere in this room – maybe as a throw blanket on the glider.  Something about it feels so homey and nostalgic to me, and the diamond shape also calls back to the fern pattern and helps tie everything together.

9 – Home Decorators Elephant Hamper – cutest thing I’ve ever seen, period.