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Yo, Pops! This Day Is For YOU.

Remember that scene from The Cosby Show where Cliff Huxtable complains that his kids don’t put any thought into his Father’s Day gifts?  See below:

Even as a kid, I kinda got it.  We give our moms soooo much lovin’ on Mother’s Day, but sometimes the dads get a little less attention.  I mean, my dad sweat through putting food on our table, tinkered with my Science Fair projects and (tried to) help with my school homework (just kidding, Dad!….. kind of).  I mean heck, my dad had to move to EGYPT for a couple years for a job.

So Dad, even though we live thousands of miles away, and even if I don’t get to see you nearly as much as I’d like, I’d like to take some time out to tell you that I love you sooo much and I am oh-so grateful for everything you’ve done for me and the boys.  You’ve always been there for me when I needed you, including helping me practice softball for hours as a kid, taking me to the Dairy Dream after every single game, teaching me how to fish, and how to get up after falling into the lake while fishing.

Sigh… And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to STEVIE B, Steph’s dad. Though not MY dad, Stevie B, you are always there to provide a roof over my head when I need a place to crash for 6 consecutive days while in Indiana.  You’re there to provide a hearty meal… and many, many good laughs.  As long as I’ve known Steph, I can remember your always, always, always being on the sidelines for her… literally and figuratively.  And I know Steph loves you like no other!

So Happy Father’s Day to you Dad, to you Stevie B, and to all the others out there.



Happy Birthday to the Greatest Slampig Ever Known!

…aka Steph aka Shtayphanie aka Wabbit:

We’ve known each other for literally decades (Muncie Burris All-Star Cheerleaders WHAT UP?!), and you’ve been with me during some of the greatest times in my life…

I love that you haven’t changed ONE BIT:

(God bless Cabo)

And I only hope that life brings you gallons of Velveeta, years and years of lake excursions, and oh yeah, a cute boy to call your own:

I heart you, you sexy gal you!