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Fashion Week Playlist

Our resident her-mix-a-lot (that would be Karrie) is spinning some of her favorite jams from NY Fashion Week over at Rent the Runway today.  Click HERE to check out the playlist over on their blog!

Have a great weekend guys!!  We promise to be back to more regular blogging soon…  we are both swamped, hence last week’s post (as is everyone, I know – it’s not just us!) – but in the meantime, are you following us on Instagram Steph | Instagram Karrie | Facebook??  When we don’t have time to draft big-girl posts, we spat blurbs and photos out over yonder.


RTR Guest Post: Our Perfect Reading Guide

Rent the Runway just keeps the love flowing for us ladies of Covet Living.  Head on over to their blog now for a list of what WE think are some of the greatest books out right now.  We love to read (ok, this is Karrie writing this… Steph just likes to read Pinterest and Bachelor/Bachelorette chat forums) and we love nothing more than giving our friends and family recommendations on the books we couldn’t put down. So please check out our suggestions and let us know if YOU have any other reads you love – new OR old!