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Sliver Of A Room Of The Week

I think it’s very apropo that the above room’s got a big ol’ oyster painting anchoring the corner.  If oysters are indeed aphrodisiacs then this sliver of a room’s makin’ me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy all over.   Having just moved back to Santa Monica to a pad within walking distance to the sea, my place is being filled with touches here and there of all things serene and beachy (but just touches, so as not to overdo it).  And for me, the room above, with the painted exposed brick walls, slightly distressed table, white frilly coverlets on the bed and chair, and the clam (!) shell vase, just captures so perfectly the zen look and feel I’m going for. The oyster painting, by Bellamy Murphy, was from the November ’10 Coastal Living magazine, and I can’t take how gorgeous it is.

Anywho, Happy Monday to all, and please continue to keep our good friend Andy in your thoughts.  All of your prayers are sooo appreciated for this very special girl, and helping her to heal, day by day.


Room Of The Week Aka Proof There Is A Heaven

If you or anyone you know ever question if Heaven exists, or what it looks like (personally I picture a young handsome Jesus wearing a tuxedo shirt and playing a round of poker), I insist you look at this gorgeous room – especially that soft, inviting, don’t-you-just-want-to-fall-back-onto it, cloud-like bed.  The nude-colored candy stripe wallpaper is girly and contrasts – yet completely works with – the cork flooring.  Which, thankfully, prevents the room from looking like an angel just ralphed all over the place.  The billowy, slightly transparent curtains allow *just* enough light into the room but not so much you can’t have your peaceful mid-day nap curled up in the soft cottony covers.

Anthropologie’s currently selling a similar duvet cover, the Georgina Duvet Cover, which is pretty as well, but a bit overwhelming, as it overfloweth in the frou frou girliness department, if ya ask me.

On another note, this week I’ll be thinking of my dear friend and co-blogette Steph and her family, especially her adorable grandmother Ruthie who is especially in our thoughts.  She was the most loving grandma and wife to Bud for 65 (!) years, and she’ll be missed.  Love you Ruthie.