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Room of the Week 11.19.15

Swanky Bedroom, Source Unknown | Covet Living

That swanky little peek into that swanky little bedroom is a mystery to me; a) because I can’t find the source anywhere, but b) because I can’t quite figure out why I’m so drawn to it.  At first glance it’s not the style I’d usually go for (I’m more refined boho chic than just refined), but I think it’s lovely.  Maybe it’s the layers and layers of neutral texture – the subtle lustre of the bed’s upholstery fabric (nomnomnom), the crisp, freshly laundered white sheets, the indiscernible rose gold / amber color of the glass lamp, the (what looks like) shagreen on the nightstand, and that rug that looks like BUTTAH.  LAY-AHS – that probably has something to do with it.  It’s also the simple sophistication – the nightstand is clean-lined without being boring (see the X detail on the base?), and same with the headboard – the slightest detail (the returns/wings on either side) makes all the difference.  And the lamp’s shape is totally unique and echoes the x on the nightstand.  OR, maybe it’s that almost everything in this image is the color of a fizzy glass of bubbly.  It also could be that I haven’t seen this cycle the Pinterestphere 99,000x, so – praise sweet baby Jesus – it’s fresh on my eyeballs.  Regardless, it’s glam without being the least bit fussy, and je love it.

I’ll go back to kanthas and boho beach chic now, but I had to rap about this for a sec. Hope you guys are having a great week!  It is SEH almost Friday… hey girl heeeeeeeey 🙂


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Room Of The Week: The Most Glorious Nursery You’ll Lay Eyes On

I’ll be the first to admit that baby nurseries aren’t rooms I usually get super fired up over, nor have I ever found myself pinning any during the many, many, MANY hours spent trawling thru Pinterest.  But boy did that all change when I caught sight of this elegantly cool, yet oh-so-warm baby nursery, designed by gorgeous mom/interior stylist/wedding planner Nicole at Me Oh My.

(*Note* I literally gasped when I saw this hanging pendant – by Jamie Young)

First off, the room is so beautifully designed that if you took out the crib and hanging mobile, it could act as any other room in your house.

(Nicole with son Ford)

Per Nicole: “I created this space with my boy in mind, wanting to play up the existing white walls, and re-using a lot of our furniture and accessories, but making it a brand new space for our boy.  Ford is my dreamboat, the sweetest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, so the light and airy room is very fitting for his happy demeanor.”

(Personally thinking of replicating this look – a blown up black and white photo on canvas.  So easy!  Just go to this website)

(Those miniature clothes hanging just slay me, as does this Moroccan leather pouf)

*All photography by Ashlee Raubach Photography.  To check out Nicole’s shop with her artwork, head over here.