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WHAT’S UP TEAM!  Here are a few of my faaaaavorite things:

Crystal Champagne Coupes, Etsy, $168.  I’m crying as I type this because I wanted to order these so badly, but a) we don’t need them, but b) if I bring one more set of glassware into this house I swear Chris will serve me with divorce papers.  So, may the fastest typing hands win them.

Rattan Scallop Ottoman Tray, 20″ x 20″, Covet Living Interiors, $150.  I love this thing so much.  I am about to place an order for them so I can’t promise they’ll get shipped from my shop to you before Christmas which makes this gift guide item a huge bust; nonetheless, let me know if you’d like a swell January surprise 🙂  We’ve all seen a joe schmo tray, but this one ups the ante with the scallop detail – 4.5″ high.  Holla for preorder!

Bone Inlay Frame, Etsy, $65 for 8×10.  Probably also not getting to you by Christmas OHMYGYAH I AM THE WORST – does it still work to gift wrap a Polaroid of whatever you got so-and-so that’s not here yet?  Anyhow – I think this is so beautiful and you can specify your color which I love.

Blue Crush Artwork, 57″ x 41″, Covet Living Interiors, about $750 shipped (depends on destination), January delivery.  My New Years rager continues.  Christine Flynn has some similar, surf-radical stuff on One Kings Lane, but this one is my favorite.  I did it in one lovely client’s house in LA and it’s a stunner.  Send me an email to place an order!

Farm Table Plank, 40″ x 10″, Hudson Grace, $195.  Someone just bought this for us from our registry and I am straight tickled to get it.

Brass Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Magnet, Sir | Madam, $34.  Thirty four dollars is a lot for a magnet, but not having your S/O have a reason to say: “I didn’t unload the dishwasher cuz I didn’t know if they were clean or dirty” = priceless.  THIS CAPTION WILL SELF-DESTRUCT IN 30 SECONDS.

Gingham Napkins in Cognac & Blue, Covet Living Interiors, $110 per S/4.  Another day, another January party.  These JYEST came back in stock after almost a year of being impossible to find.  I have the dish towel version and the weight and texture is perfection.  You will have these forever.  Holla for preorder!

The Prettiest & Most Vibrant Bolivian Frasada You Have Ever Seen, 56″ x 64″, Covet Living Interiors, $350.  These are HARD TO FIND in great condition and especially in the right colors.  This is the happiest textile I have in the shop.  Dying to cover (a bench, a chair – anything) in it but I just ran out of time and it’s so good, I feel like I should send it out into the universe.

Here’s a dining bench we used another one on in a client’s house 2 years ago… and at that point, that one was the most vibrant one I’ve ever seen.

Vintage Anatolian Runner, 43″W x 109″L, Covet Living Interiors, $1300.  This is one of those pieces that I will probably cry when it sells.  It is really beautiful – purples/violet, this greyish sage color, and then the pumpkin.  I acquired it years ago but never really found a place for it, so it’s a recent addition to the shop.  Holla for dibs.

Rialto Rocks Glasses in Millicent, S/2, Sir | Madam, $52.  What kind of list would this be if the caboose was something that was actually in stock?  It DOES come in the most beautiful rainbow of colors – and also in coupes / martini glasses etc – but the green was calling to me.  I would have these except, again, I’ll be in timeout till 2022 if I bring more glassware across that threshold.

Happy Trails & Happy Shopping!  For any of the items listed at Covet Living Interiors – holla at me to order –  I’m off to polish off the rest of the cookie dough in the fridge and pretend like I’m starting a cleanse in the morning.  See yaaaaaaaaa!






Dear Santa, Love Stephie | 2020

It’s the Holly-Days!  You know, that time of year when Karrie & I crawl out of the cave of blogging hiberation (in sweatpants, with bed head) to sling around some of our favorite things – partly as ideas for you guys (!) and partly as ideas for our loved ones.  Every year we do this feels more and more ridiculous, because we’re old as dirt and don’t need a ^$#% thing.  That said – this year, I’m keeping in step with tradition and putting forth a list that is about 3 parts pipe dream (aka totally ridiculous) and 1 part sane.  Happy Shopping!

A &^$% HOUSE

Remember that phone booth thing on game shows in the 80’s they’d put people in, then turn the blower on and make you try to grab as much stuff as you can in 20 seconds?  Trying to make a real estate decision where we live – in an ever-escalating, ridiculous market that’s getting away from us faster than our little brains can move to figure out what we wanna do – welp, it feels a lot like that. Whoopsie!  We’ll get there.  SANTA ARE YOU LISTENING??  Image via Martha Stewart.


Well if these aren’t the raddest things I’ve ever seen.  Can’t find the bastards anywhere.


Just like everything in a house, I feel like jewelry is best when it’s collected over time.


Net-a-Porter, $95.  Cuz I’m always on the hunt for classic, hardworking travel pieces.  I actually do need this.


Through Hollywood at Home, $1550 each.  They are stunning, and each one is a work of art.  I think they remind me – on some level – of this pottery studio that was in our hometown when I was a kid that my parents and some of my parents’ friends still have pieces from.  See man, it always comes back to Muncie.


Ulla Johnson, $995.  If I could pick one designer’s clothes to wear for the rest of my life, it would be hers.  This amazing, can’t-wait-for-it-to-go-on-sale-but-it-never-will, has-my-name-all-over-it trench coat is everything.


Amazon, $109.99.


Amazon (or check your local small biz bookstore – they may have it!), $38.  They are my favorite designers.  They have no formal training, no rules and no fear.  They are brilliant.


Hand + Fire, $30.  Because someday soon, I need to graduate from the No. 2 pencil, which is what I use now to tie up my hair.


Carolina Irving & Daughters, price varies.  These are so perfect.  Carolina Irving is my favorite textile designer (and a close tie with Jasper, Rose Tarlow and Peter Dunham) but anyhoo – she and her two daughters started a tabletop line a few years ago that would wow any guest at your dinner table.  Image below via Nickey Kehoe, who sells them through their shop.


Etsy, $21.68.  Love these and love shopping small.  Both of the colors (listed above) I’m gunning for are currently sold out, but there are so many beautiful others.  We go through taper candlesticks in this house faster than clean underpants.


In someone else’s house, not for $ale.  But doesn’t mean I’m not always on the lookout for a textile like it.  Image via House Beautiful.

Merry Merry!!  Gift Guide for the Home on deck (and maybe Karrie’s too?)